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A Review for a Fellow Author

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I confess I’ve retreated from the world. No longer do I watch or read the news. I hear about world or national events through friends, and after several years of being a drop-out, I’ve discovered nothing has changed. Oh sure, it’s been so long now that most of the people have changed. Sadly, the news has not. But it’s my responsibility as an American to be involved, you say? Pfffft, is my response. Or, bull shit, when I’m not feeling particularly indulgent. And so the argument ensues. We go back and forth…

But this isn’t what my post is about. The reason I started the post with my confession was to mention how corporate giants still strangle the little guy. I’m not one hundred percent clear on what is happening with Amazon because I am a media hermit, but I do know they slash reviews from fellow authors. We all have our opinions on this and mine would just reiterate what has already been said. But I have to wonder: can’t authors ever submit reviews? I mean, we write books, but we read them, too. Duh.

Aaaaand, I’ll shut up about it.

Instead, I’d rather post my review of fellow Melange Books author Christopher Carrolli and his paranormal novel The Listener. I consider it to be a part of “paying it forward.” What we authors do isn’t easy. The challenges, hurdles, and mountains we face is enough to deflate even the most determined writer. But, I’m preaching to the choir, to drop a cliché. Which is one of the many other reasons I love being a part of this vast “published authors” realm: You get the part about helping each other out and do it with altruism. It’s a beautiful thing.

So, here is my review of Christopher Carrolli’s The Listener:

    Using the same cast of characters from his first novel The Pipeline, Carrolli keeps us in the thick of the action. The Listener picks up where the first story leaves off, only this time it’s the beloved Sidney Pratt, the conduit to the dead, who is in trouble. In a near-death state, he transcends the physical realm to visit the spiritual. Or rather, the mystical visit with him.

    Yet they aren’t the only voices he encounters while comatose. Sidney also “hears” a young boy calling out to him for help. Wanted for his psychic abilities, Ryan, an audio clairvoyant and telepath, has been kidnapped by a secret organization. The head of which turns out to be none other than the man governing the university’s team of ghost hunters.

    In a brilliantly woven spider’s web of intrigue, Carrolli leads us through our beloved team’s emotional and psychic upsets as they set out to rescue their young friend. The suspense continues to build as The Listener unfolds, and I find myself scrolling through the pages like a fiend. Not only that, I’m sympathizing with the villain! Just as in real life, there is always the back story, the reason behind the motivation, and Carrolli delivers this with a talent I hope to see in his third book of this series.

    With The Listener ending with another lead-in, I have no doubt readers won’t miss a single thread of these knuckle biting, suspense driven plots.


Hopefully, it makes you want to check this book out, or even the first, Pipeline.

And don’t forget: this Saturday July 12th it’s Jennifer DeCuir, a fellow Maine author, who gets her plug here on my blog.

~S.C. Dane