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What the Deuce Does South Africa Have To Do With Romance?

What the deuce does South Africa have to do with Romance?

That’s my question, because what I know about South Africa I could fit in a thimble.

But I do know Charmaine Pauls, my featured Romance author, hails from there, and she’s a beautiful person inside and out.  So, maybe she resembles her country in that respect.

No doubt she’s complex. A woman who can write like she does, and travel the globe is by no means simple. See for yourself, as I let Charmaine speak for herself:


Charmaine Pauls was born in South Africa, has lived in France and currently resides in Chile. She used her travel experience of different parts of the world as backdrops for her romance novels Between Yesterday & Tomorrow (2011), Between Fire & Ice (2012) and The Winemaker (2013). When she is not writing, the ex-communications and public relations practitioner loves to look at the world through the lens of her camera.

Here’s a blurb from her novel Between Fire and Ice:

Cy is heir to the powerful empire of his parents, a mining enterprise in Chile, South America. Their future power depends on his ability to produce an heir himself, a daunting prospect, as the human race is becoming infertile. But Cy’s mother – a brilliant, cold-hearted scientist – left nothing to chance, when she, in the year of her son’s tenth birthday, headed a project to artificially inseminate a fertile woman. At thirty years of age, Cy is instructed to marry Elena, who his parents surrogated and adopted for one purpose only – to have his baby. 

Elena was hidden in a secluded cloister in the ice-lands of Patagonia, where the nuns, renowned for their mysterious magical practices, taught her the art of meditation and healing. A cruel education ensured that Elena submitted to her destiny, namely to give Cy a child.  But soon Cy will learn that there is more to his bride than shy submissiveness. Under her gentle beauty hides a powerful woman who can give Cy the peace he is yearning for. She holds the key to his heart, and for once, he may just begin to believe in the destiny that had been preached to him all his life.

Whets your appetite for more, doesn’t it? If so, then check to the right of the main blog page, and click on the Between Fire and Ice book cover. You’ll find a full excerpt and the buy links.

Visit Charmaine Pauls if you would like to read more, or know more about her. www.charmainepauls.com

Happy reading!

~S.C. Dane