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Maine Author: Jennifer DeCuir and #Disorganized Chaos

#Maine author: Jennifer DeCuir and #Disorganized Chaos

As promised, here she is. I could blab on about her, but she really ought to speak for herself. So, without further ado, here is Jennifer DeCuir railing about Disorganized Chaos:

Author Bio:

Jennifer DeCuir writes small town contemporary romances while wrangling two kids, a husband, and three neurotic pets. She lives in the Pacific Northwest, where she can never get enough sunshine or caffeine. Her Scallop Shores series, published by Crimson Romance, is based on her hometown of York, Maine. When she isn’t writing or reading, she is probably adding to her obsessively huge yarn stash and wondering what gifts she’s going to crochet for Christmas this year.

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Twitter: http://bit.ly/160UYHt

Facebook: http://on.fb.me/HdgQXi

Website: http://bit.ly/1bbkFom

Pinterest: http://bit.ly/1aE8XBg

Goodreads: http://bit.ly/1k35SPl

Disorganized chaos… it works for me.

Where the heck did I leave that little sticky note? The post it with all the important dates for the month on it. Ah, here it is! Stuck to the bottom of my coffee cup. I knew it was there all along. I was just testing you.

I had originally meant for this guest blog post to be a comparison on the merits of “old school” writer tools vs new technological gadgets to help us become better organized and more productive. You know, index cards and post-it notes, pens and highlighters and how they stack up against excel spreadsheets, One Note and all those different writing software programs out there. But I realized that I use all of these and still my office is a crazy mess.

My husband thinks it’s scary how he can ask me where something is and I’ll turn, lift a stack of papers and books several inches thick and come out with that one receipt or important paper he’s looking for. To me, that’s just normal. I can’t explain it. Things just have a way of cataloging themselves in my brain so that, when the time comes, I can remember easily.

I’ve tried mapping out storylines on a poster board. I mean, hey, it’s a guaranteed trip to Staples – and that store is like Disneyland to me! But I get to the second chapter in the book I’m plotting and the newness wears off. My ADHD kicks in and I’m distracted by all the pretty colors. I hand the poster board off to the kids and save the post-its for myself.

I have a calendar, and I’m very good about marking down dates. I have spreadsheets for all kinds of things. Do I update them? Nah. Do they keep me on task, more productive, focused and organized? Ha! I have One Note on my phone, on my laptop and on a tablet that my husband tries to get me to use more often. Poor techie genius got saddled with a wife who has a hard time jumping into the 21st century. I do use Write Way Pro to write my books.

Maybe I have a touch of OCD. Somehow the thought of transferring all my handwritten notes into something more functional gives me hives. Throw out my notes? My index cards and post its? God forbid! I go through drawers and still find random plot ideas for books that are already published. I don’t need these. But I just smile and close the drawer.

My desk is an absolute war zone right now. My pen cup is empty – because the pens are littered all over the desk. I have a rainbow memo pad cube. I’m on orange now. Bright scraps of orange paper are strewn everywhere. It’s beautiful. I can’t decide on one votive candle scent to burn while I’m writing, so I have a few of them clogging up my work space. I love choices! And we won’t even talk about the Legos, Hot Wheels or other toys my son leaves behind on his whirlwind trips to visit while Mommy is working.

Yes, I have a system. It’s crazy and it’s messy and it only works for me. I thrive on chaos and probably wouldn’t know what to do if everything was neat and tidy. Is this just a “creative type” thing? Do all writers have desks like mine? I’m curious. Are you organized? Or is your workspace a jungle? Leave me a comment below and I’ll choose a winner for a copy of my first book, Drawn to Jonah. E-book or print, winner’s choice. J


Drawn to Jonah (a RONE 2014 Nominee and 2nd place winner in the 2012 ECO contest)

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Five of Hearts

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Fun, right? Most definitely something refreshingly different from my books and writing. Feel free to contact her, or make comments about your Disorganized Chaos and how it works for you. Besides, if you contact her, you just might be the lucky winner of the free book she’s offering, Drawn to Jonah.

~S.C. Dane