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“Didn’t See That Coming!”

Didn’t See That Coming!

This is a subchapter for the previous installment “Shit You Saw Coming, But Did Anyway.”

Like the first two chapters preceding it, this one involves human imperfection. Yet, unlike this chapter’s predecessor, the mishap hits out of the blue. When you star, accidently, on your life’s clumsy stage for the world to see.

Want examples? Ever seen someone walk into a glass door? Miss that last step on the stairs? Walk into a pole, tree, or wall while gawking at something else? We’ve all been victims of these comic accidents. Heck, America’s Funniest Home Videos hit the jackpot with their weekly serial, because everybody in the viewing audience could relate.

They’d been there; knew exactly how that other person felt. Americans love their harmless misfortunes, so long as they can laugh about them.

Ever pushed on that heavy door that swings toward you? Then share. Admit to the moments when life’s everyday objects trip you up, send you tumbling.

We could all use a good laugh. Thank you, and I say that without laughing. I swear.

~S.C. Dane