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Hi Everyone,

I’m just updating my post “Here–hold my beer.” Please drop in to add your liqour-laced, super-hero  accident. Whoops! I meant incident.

~S.C. Dane

“Here–hold my beer.”

This is the first in a series I’ll be publishing in which I ask for my readers’ input. The idea in its entirety is a compilation, a chapter book comprising human foibles, each contained under a certain heading.

“Here hold my beer.”

Because we’re all a little crazy. A pearl we keep close in our secret hearts.

Because there’s freedom in crazy.

It’s the consequences of our actions that keep the crazy hidden. But sometimes it escapes, and you get moments like these: “Here hold my beer.”

You’re about to try something a wee out of the ordinary, not your norm.

You are compelled to do it.

Albeit, the key to the asylum where your crazy is locked up is a Pabst Blue Ribbon, but there’s not a jailor alive who can’t be bribed.

Once the edges of your life have been smoothed away by the buzz, stunts seem doable; the dangerous, potentially harmful derring-do seems attainable. Within your grasp. If you just step off the safe curb and onto the fantastical street of Life, you too, can be a gymnast, a stunt-double.

So, you hand that beer you’re holding to the person standing next to you. You’re going to try said stunt, because you know you can do it and you’re going to be darned good at it. Your audience will be amazed! Your friends will look upon you with awe, stunned and appreciative that they know you the person who can do a back flip off your neighbor’s pool slide.

We’ve all had our moments of crazy.

Sometimes it pans out just as we had drunkenly imagined it would. We are Stars!  Too often, it doesn’t.

These are the times I’m looking for. I want you to share those crazy, beer buzzed moments when anything was possible and the last words out of your mouth were: “Here hold my beer.”

Please and Thank you for sharing your pitfalls, your most embarrassing moments, or your stupendous successes achieved in moments of utter stupidity while intoxicated.

~S.C. Dane