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#Howling Success Daily Press, Interview no. 417 (deceased)

Being that this is the end of the first full week of Grane: Book Two of The Luna Chronicle’s release, I thought I would offer something a little different to my readers. I hope you like it.
~S.C. Dane

Bootlegged Interview from “Howling Success Daily Press”

With guests S.C. Dane and Luna-Beth

H.S.D.P.: Welcome to the Howling Success Luna-Beth and paranormal romance author S.C. Dane. We’re pleased you could take time from your wildly busy lives to join us. Our readers are hungry for the opportunity, so I don’t dare disappoint and will go straight for the jugular, if you’ll pardon the expression.

HSPD: First, I must say for the benefit of our reading audience the resemblance between the two of you is striking. Are there other characteristics besides the physical you two share?

S.C. Dane: Our running and hiking in the woods, which was the catalyst for writing The Luna Chronicles. I came across Luna-Beth during one of my excursions on the Heath and I’ve been tailing her ever since.

Luna-Beth: She’s not kidding! If she wasn’t such a kindred spirit, I’d be a tad wigged out by her presence. But, I owe her a lot, so I put up with her voyeurism.

HSPD: That’s a funny, yet apt way to describe an author’s hand in her novels. Are you jealous?

L-B: No

SCD: Yes.

HSDP: You’ve given our readers two conflicting answers. Care to elaborate?

SCD: You go first, Luna-Beth. The place of honor as the heroine of the novel, and all that.

L-B: You’re very kind, as usual. See how I can’t be jealous? S.C. has been very generous. Without her, I would have never met my wolf-mate. I never would have had our wolf-babes, or met the wolf-people. Which means I would have never met Suma and Grane. Who, by the way, you should interview sometime. If they’ll let you.

SCD: The pleasure has been all mine, really. It was Luna-Beth’s courage that got us deep into those Maine woods. Without her brass, I wouldn’t have met the wolf-people either.

HSDP: You two are like the Mutual Admiration Society. Aside from your obvious respect for one another, is there something about the other you would change if you could?

SCD: Ha! At the risk of getting someone’s jaws clamped around my throat—I’d say I wouldn’t mind being Alec’s mate. Luna-Beth is a very lucky wolf-woman to have such an attentive lover.

HSDP: Your silence Luna-Beth is leaving your fans on tenterhooks. Care to explain it?

L-B: You want the PG-rated version or the R one?

HSDP: It’s probably best to keep your response family friendly. I mean, human family friendly.

L-B: Glad you made the distinction, because showing one’s affection isn’t something the wolf-people hide, or save for the privacy of one’s bedroom. There is no shame in my and Alec’s love-making. No matter how heated it gets.

SCD: I think you made our interviewer blush!

L-B: I can’t help it. You know very well I’m not good at lying.

SCD: I know, except for when it matters.

HSDP: S.C. Dane raises a good point, Luna-Beth, and it’s one I wanted to ask you about since earlier you mentioned Grane. I apologize ahead of time if my questions become too personal, but that wolf-man kidnapped you from Alec and your pups, and his pack leader almost raped you. I think our readers find it curious you were able to forgive Grane and accept him into your pack.

L-B: Yeah, well, he’s got a kind heart despite what he’s done. Sometimes our grief can consume us, and we lose sight of who we really are, indulge in the beast who’s tearing our insides out. I saw that in Grane when I healed his wound. He had much to grieve about, even though I instinctively liked him.

SCD: I have to say, apart from the birthing of your babes, Luna-Beth, bearing witness to your captivity was the hardest part for me. I mean, you almost died, and so did Alec, who came to rescue you. It was touch and go there for a while.

L-B: You’re telling me!

HSDP: Well, ladies, as soon as you two let each other go from your handholding, we’ll finish up here. Not that seeing firsthand how intimidating you are, Luna, hasn’t been a real eye-opener. One of these days, I’ll share with our readers of the “Howling Success” just how hard the hairs on my skin are prickling.

SCD: You kind of just did. Isn’t she beautiful? Alec thinks so, too. Forget that he’s wolf and very loyal, or that Luna-Beth is a coveted prize. She’s easy to love, even if she is fierce when she loves you back. All of the wolf-people, myself included, count themselves lucky to reside in her heart. I’m glad you got the chance to see a little of that Luna shining out from Beth.

HSDP: Me, too, S.C. even though I regret that extra cup of coffee I had earlier. But I couldn’t have said it better, and our readers will be grateful for your description of our heroine. Thank you ladies for dropping by. It has been my privilege.

SCD: The privilege has been ours. Right, Luna-Beth?

L-B: Any chance to kill a human ranks high in my book. This one doesn’t get away.

HSDP: Ladies? Er…what are you…holy, those are some sharp teeth. Surely, you—

So, I had a little fun with the abrupt and violent ending. For those who know Luna-Beth, I’m sure they weren’t surprised. None of the wolf-people like humans, for good reason. Unless of course, that human is Kenrickey. But that’s a story for the next book in The Luna Chronicle series.

~S.C. Dane

#Free Wolves and Tagged Lupines

Free Wolves and Tagged Lupines

A double title, and each subject joined by their natures. Wolves.
The first is a chin-lifted-to-the-sky celebration, howled to the moon by a lucky winner of a free copy of Luna: Book One of The Luna Chronicle. I offered it up at The Romance Studio’s Summer Bash, and it got snagged in minutes. Luna found a new home.

The second portion of the title refers to Grane: Book Two of The Luna ChronGraneicle. Once you read the book you’ll understand what I’m referring to. Things don’t go well for my title character.
In the story, at least. Outside of the book’s binding, things are going great for the gray wolf. He gets set free. Onto the general public. Effective midnight tonight, August 18, 2013.
In the pale light of a waxing moon, Grane will emerge from the shadows of Melange-Books LLC to show himself in all his scarred skin and yellow-eyed glory.

Here’s a taste:

The Luna with her mate.
I kept my nose tucked under my tail and feigned sleep so that I could watch them. They belonged together; it showed in the curve of their bodies as they folded in and around one another. I lay still, and when they had finished talking and Luna had fallen asleep, I could see their bodies rise and release in the harmony of their breaths. They were beautiful. And I was a fool to have ever taken her from him.
Alec, her mate, watched over her while she slept, his tender vigilance illuminating just how much he had missed her, and how ardently he protected her. From the likes of me.
Yet, they offered me consolation when it was I who had stolen Luna from her family, seized her from this fierce love. How could they overlook my crimes? My mauling by Meron’s pack of wolves would have been a fit ending to my wretched life, they should have left me to endure the justice of a cruel death.
But no, instead they protected me, and offered sanctuary to my little group from the violence of their daily existence. For that kindness alone, I owed the alphas more than my loyalty. I revved my spine and shot the blood to my skin so I could speak to my new leader with words and not my wolf body language.
He watched my transformation with a quietude born of confidence. “You do not sleep, Grane,” he whispered. Luna stirred in his embrace, but did not open her eyes. She smiled in her sleep, and looked nothing like the frightening creature I had witnessed earlier that day, when she had fisted Meron‘s head in her hand for us all to see.
I pulled my eyes from the vision of the Luna to watch my new pack leader. Like his mate, he smiled because they were whole again. Truly, I did not deserve to witness such affection, and I answered before my self-disgust overwhelmed me.
“No, we are too close yet to Meron’s pack. If they followed us…” I let my sentence trail away with my fretful thoughts. If these two creatures were harmed?
“I do not think they will come,” he predicted.
His conviction was not misplaced. My sister would not send anyone, nor would they come voluntarily. The Luna’s threat had pierced into the hearts of every wolf present. I had seen the dread in their eyes, their rigid bodies. She had not only challenged the pack leader, but the entire army of wolves, and they had focused on her with a terror born from survival. I know, because I had been just as frightened as the others. The Luna, with her poison, could have killed us all. Sweet deliverance, I had sat on that ground a bloody mess, and she had offered me her smile and her hand, a safe place within her family. I had stretched my arm across that terrifying reach, and had accepted her heart.
What right had I? A tremor sizzled across my back, and I spoke to quiet my thoughts.
“I believe you are right, Alec. But still, I tend to be cautious.”
“It is a trait that will benefit our pack, Grane. We welcome it.”
I dropped my eyes from his earnest gaze. He had uttered the word we as if he spoke for them all inclusively, and my charred heart fluttered with hope. I asked for my leave before I revealed my torment, and retreated into the woods to conceal myself in a cluster of alders.
I was a disgusting, spiteful wolf who did not deserve this opportunity for redemption! For too long I had been under Meron’s sway. How did I let myself dare await such promises? I was undeserving. Armand was the one. As were Ane and Elga. It was they who had needed deliverance. My atrocities against my fellow wolf deserved no forgiveness.
My lungs filled with my anguished howl, and I clamped my jaw to stifle it. That one wail would unleash too much from my scarred spirit, and I gripped the silver stems of the alders that offered their shelter to diffuse the tension that balled my muscles.
I would humbly serve this pack even if it tormented me. I would bow to each and every member to repay them for my barbarity, and for their kindness to mine. I let myself go and burned into my wolf form so that I could hunt to distract my thoughts. We still had far to go before we returned to the territory where I had stolen Luna.
Great suffering! We were returning to the origin of my crime. I moved my paws to silence my brain and shackle my heart. I had a debt to pay and I would own it if killed me.

~S.C. Dane

#Shape-Shifting: How I Spent My Summer

Shapeshifting: How I Spent My Summer

Yeah, I know. It seems like I’m repeating myself. I am, a little. The reason is I’m participating in The Romance Studio’s Summer Bash, so I want to make sure that new fans can sink their teeth into my stories.

New Release coming August 19th-ish, 2013: Grane: Book Two of The Luna Chronicle

In the northern Maine woods, a wolf pack unlike any other reigns the landscape. With the ability to shift into human shape, they are the supreme rulers of their territory. Until the real humans threaten their secret realm…

A seasoned fighter who has murdered too many of his fellow wolf-men to bear counting, Grane is long past salvaging, no matter the reason behind his lethal campaign. But then he meets Suma, the white wolf who wields the power to heal his emotional scars.
But Suma is not a wolf-woman who can easily forgive Grane his horrific deeds. She mistrusts him, and seeks every opportunity to remind the wolf-man of the pain he’s caused her pack.
Yet it is through this fire that Grane’s redemption is forged, and as he heals, Suma witnesses the unfolding of a generous heart, and learns there just might be passion and loyalty to be found in forgiveness—if they can survive long enough to find out.

Excerpt for Grane:

Although the threat the humans would return hovered, the early autumn days stretched out in an endless fashion. I figured out how to be less available to Armand and Suma, and spent many hours in the woods with Gor and Terra teaching them how to hunt and how to fight. They were quick learners, but they were often distracted by butterflies, or snakes, or skunks, or any other creature that tickled and tempted their attention. I laughed endlessly on those days, and my heart mended and grew strong in my love for them, while I grew accustomed to and enjoyed my status as the lowest pack member. The twins grew fast as wolf pups, but I still had to watch close for when they shifted into their human shapes. They could crawl around, but not anywhere near as well as they could when they had their four paws beneath them.
Terra squawked whenever she was prevented from doing what she wanted because of her human shape, but Gor often laughed and his round belly jiggled with his merriment. Terra always succumbed to his humor, and many times I left the two of them to figure their bodies out. They almost always triumphed, and I smothered them with kisses and bubbles on their bellies when they did. Their delighted screams filled me till I dripped my happiness onto those around me.
“The pups are very fond of their Uncle Grane,” Beth commented one rainy morning when we were left behind at the den with the babes.
I smiled at her and shrugged. “Perhaps,” I allowed.
The red haired mother laughed. “Perhaps.” She lifted Terra into the air and blew kisses upon her creased neck. The babe squealed her delight, and Gor begged for his turn. We both broke out into hearty laughter.
Suma came in during the middle of it, smiling amidst our mirth. I settled down and lowered my head.
“What has the two of you so happy?” she asked as she hefted Gor to her hip. I raised my eyes because her sister had not answered her. And learned why. Suma was looking at me, not her sister.
“The pups, Suma.” I answered without embellishment. I had learned to keep my answers short and to the point, and then ask for my leave. It was the only way I could cope with my affections for Suma, and it seemed to work. I could now keep my human shape when I was around the white haired wolf-woman, and my heart did not cartwheel all around my ribcage.
“This little pup right here?” she gurgled at Gor and twirled him. Her beautiful white hair swirled as she spun and her muscles flexed with the weight of the babe lifted in her pale arms.
My stomach flipped and my groin made a singular throb at the sight of her. “Suma, Beth, may I go now?”
“Go? You always leave whenever I come around, Grane. Please stay.”
Suma had not released me. I turned an imploring look to Beth, but she shrugged as if she were unable to help. I hunkered back down onto the floor of the den and waited to see what Suma was up to. At least we were not alone, so Armand could not get upset if he saw us together, even though Suma still had not returned him any affection. I would just have to deal with our lengthened visit.
“Are the pups making progress with their hunting, Uncle?” A flush of pink rose in her pale cheeks.
“Yes, Suma. They do well.” A grin tugged at the corner of my lips in spite of my best efforts to remain neutral.
She nodded, wanting to hear more, and I fell for her trap like a near-sighted bear.
“Except when they spy something more interesting than what they had been trailing. Just the other day, Terra roamed completely off track and found a mud slide into the stream instead. Gor and I could not resist the fun either, and we missed our hunt.” I grinned with the memory of it, and Suma’s laughter thrilled my heart.
“I suppose Terra is always our troublemaker?” she cooed at the babe in her sister’s arms.
“Not always,” I volunteered like an ass. I stood up and sauntered over to Suma while I gushed about Gor. “He sometimes—” I stopped cold as I caught my hand reaching for Suma’s elbow.
“I am sorry,” I breathed and folded onto the floor. “Suma, I forgot,” I whispered. Her scent drifted through my body as she bent down to lift my chin in her hand. I gazed into those doe eyes of hers, which were only inches from my mouth. It burned, as did the rest of me.
“Grane, it is fine,” she smiled and her brown eyes were the stones from the stream.
“Suma, you must not,” I croaked, and pulled my face from her grasp as I turned my back to her. So much for neutral.
“I must not what? Speak to you? Visit with you?” Her voice grew edgy.
“Yes, all of those things. Armand—”
Suma cut me off, her temper strident. “Armand is a wolf-pup and I will never mate with him. Nor will I mate with anyone else.”
“You are saying this now?” I bellowed, and stepped right back up to her. She squared herself to me and the heat from our bodies collided as my skin scorched to life. I glared straight at the face that glared at me, and my heart pounded in my throat as my stomach flipped inside out. I grabbed her head with both of my hands, pressed my mouth onto hers, and she responded with gripping force. Sparks shot through me, and I convulsed as I released her.
“May I go?” I barked, and did not wait for her permission. I fled away from the woman who drove me mad, who buckled me with her scent. Who goaded me on purpose! And I had just kissed her. Sweet suffering, I was in for it now. I could taste her on my tongue.

Pretty cool, huh? But, if you’re lost and wondering what the deuce is going on, you’ve got to check out the first book in the The Luna Chronicle series. It’s titled Luna, exactly in the way that Grane is the subject of the title in the second installment of The Luna Chronicle series. As soon as you read the first book, you’ll get oriented with the pack, whet your appetite for the brutality and tenderness of Nature at her wildest.

Now, the other book I wrote, No Little Thing, is shape-shifting on a whole new level. We’re talking vampire-killers. Here’s the skinny:

Lily Fain’s life as a horror novelist isn’t perfect, but it suits her, even if she has written off true love in exchange for her fictional world of monsters. Then her imagined world comes to life when she discovers she has a stalker who isn’t the average fan, but a real vampire who wants her dead.
Griffyd Fychan is a vampire-killer who is seven feet of lithe muscles, quick reflexes, and an explosion of ferocity that strikes terror in those he hunts, even those he rescues. But when the slayer steps between Lily and her vampire stalker, Griffyd’s instincts not only compel him to protect her from their mutual enemy, but to bond with her, as well.
The problem? Griffyd isn’t human–he belongs within the pages of Lily’s horror novels.
Faced with the menacing vampire-killer’s affections, will Lily retreat in fear to her author’s life? Or will she surrender to her dark passion for Griffyd, whose bonding to her could alter her in ways neither one could have ever foreseen?

"No Little Thing"

“No Little Thing”

Excerpt for No Little Thing:
The vampires were almost winning. They were so close, after centuries of silent killings, camouflaged feedings; the opponent clueless that a war was even being waged. Firkar curled around his desiccated belly, his skin soft and thin like parchment. Yet it caressed his jagged bones, pleasantly supple to the touch; his touch alone, as Firkar had never involved himself with the intimacy of transfiguring a human into his own kind, had left the trick of propagation to others while he focused on eliminating his species’ threat.
They slaughtered his kind in the thousands, perfectly designed for the task, as if Nature itself stood behind them, guiding and abetting the killers in their purpose. The slayers were tall, every one of them, with an arm span that allowed them to strike without getting hit themselves.
And the raw power of that strike?
Firkar had seen lightning rip its course to destruction, and the vampire-killers’ swipes carried no less demolition. They were a force to fear and respect as much as the searing voltage that blitzed out of the sky.
Yet, his enemies were far more accurate, their intent far more predictable. For once a vampire-killer set upon his quarry’s trail, he rarely missed in his aim, and vampires stood little chance against one. Especially since Firkar and his kind were singular creatures, were incapable of standing the presence of a fellow vampire for any longer than it took to transform one.
To amass their numbers to annihilate the slayers?
Vampires were too volatile, too predatory, too selfish.
Too much of everything that hindered cooperation.
We are not too selfish.
He refused to believe his own description. Didn’t the fact that he hunted the slayers’ females and their young offspring prove that? Yes, he destroyed them for his own sake, his own vengeance, and Firkar’s thin lip lifted in a sharp-fanged snarl as he drew his bed fur up over his head, burrowed himself deeper into the soft embrace of the pelt, far removed and safely cached from the heat of the sun.
Revenge? He had roamed the earth’s edges for hundreds of years in the name of it, never once forgetting he now did so minus one eye, plus four long, purple, puckered scars that marred his otherwise alabaster skin. The cursed things were like ropes that conjoined his empty eye socket to his left shoulder blade, where he had twisted in a last- second recoil from the lethal swipe of a slayer’s talons.
Yet, he had escaped, and there were not many who could boast of such a feat. But his scars were no badge of honor, as they hampered his feeding, cast him deeper into the shadows, forcing him not to enamor his prey with his beauty, but to slaughter it in ambush, as if he was the monster humans had fabricated to scare their little children into behaving.
So be it.
He remained these hundreds of years on the fringe, smelling what the vampire-killers could not: the latent females of their kind, and therefore, the progenitors of their species.
Nature’s single, and only, contribution to the leveling of the playing field, and Firkar took full advantage. He had killed how many future slayers in all of his centuries?
Enough to have nearly erased the future of his enemy. When one died, there would not be another to replace him. Firkar’s hunting had made sure of that, had reduced their numbers so that he knew where each of them dwelled around the world, which territories they kept clean of vampires. And most important, which ones were in proximity of a latent slayer female.
He had but one more vampire-killer to track.
It was time for him to travel again, to leave the safety of his lair in the pursuit of his vengeance. Yet this time, the vampire did not relish his journey. He had put this one off for the last, knowing full well who he would encounter.
The one who had rendered him hideous.
The slayer who had nearly smote him from his vengeful path.
Griffyd ap Fychan, the vampire-killer who had not only scarred his beautiful flesh, but had slain more of Firkar’s kind than any other, with a savagery that impelled fear into every vampire who knew his name.
He had been ferocious as a human warrior, and had become insatiable as a vampire-killer. Firkar shuddered, ran his claws along the puckered ropes of his cheek.
Griffyd ap Fychan would not mate. Could not mate.
To duplicate his ferocity, to allow him to imbue his offspring with his swift savagery? Would be enough to tip the balance of Firkar’s hard won advantage, plunging his kind back into the darkness of near extinction.
Firkar could not fail in preventing his nemesis Griffyd from mating, would dare to acquaint himself with the company of other vampires for this particular endeavor. Solitary as he was, he was no fool, had not walked upon the earth as long as he had without learning the wisdom of caution. He would let the lesser ones feed upon the female, directing them toward the kill. If Griffyd ap Fychan discovered their scent trail, Firkar would sacrifice the younger vampires for the greater good of his mission.
And live to hunt another night.

~S.C. Dane

#Summer in the Maine Woods. Grane: Book Two of The Luna Chronicle

#The Maine Woods in summer. Grane: Book Two of The Luna Chronicle.

August is upon us and with it the winding down of summer. Seems like just last week it was ninety degrees and I slept on top of the covers. Wait. That was just last week. Which means the end of summer is moving too fast. Not that I want to talk about the weather. I’m segueing here. Ultimately, I want to talk about my next book release.
How is the end of summer and the weather related to a book release? Well, Grane: Book Two of The Luna Chronicle is tentatively scheduled to hit the market on August 19th-ish, and he’s going to arrive before I realize it. Much like Labor Day.
But it’s been a good summer. A portion of it was spent editing Grane, and I gotta tell ya, I got sucked back into the Maine woods with Luna, Alec, and the rest of the crew while I was finalizing the changes to the manuscript.
I’d forgotten how much I love hanging out with the wolf-people. I’d forgotten how much I like Grane, which is why I devoted an entire book in his honor. I had wanted him to find redemption. I had wanted him to find love again.
Except characters tend to wrest the pen from an author’s fingers and write their own stories. And you know the gray wolf—he’s one tough son-of-a-she-wolf. He has his own ideas.
The question for you, readers, is whether Grane does find peace, like I wanted him to. I mean, I see his point. It’s not easy being a wolf, especially one as guilty as the gray wolf. Besides, if you remember Beth and Alec’s pack, there is only Suma who could possibly be a mate for him.
Add to his sins the fact that he captured the white wolf to use as bait for Luna, and that he has a young, handsome brother in Armand, you can imagine his chances at finding love and redemption with Suma are next to nil. As non-existent as humans around Beth and Alec’s new den.
Wait. There are humans around Beth and Alec’s den!
Okay, I gotta stop. I’m going to give away the story, and I don’t want to spoil it for you. Like the passing of summer, the book will be released before you know it. The third week of August will be here soon.
Keep your eyes sharp for sightings of the gray wolf.

~S.C. Dane