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Shit You Saw Coming, But Did Anyway

This is the second installment of the “Here hold my beer” chapter book. As you noticed, it’s titled “Shit You Saw Coming, But Did Anyway.” I think the title explains itself.

This chapter is dedicated to those moments when you have the clarity of foresight in the present, but go ahead and do exactly what you know isn’t going to end well. Probably.

And it’s that “probably” that gets you into trouble.

Because you know. You can practically see the mishap unfold before your mind’s eye. Shit is going to go down; hit the proverbial fan. Things are going to get bad. You know this.

Yet, there you go. Courage in the face of stupidity.

It could be a situation where you know that rope isn’t tied securely to that make-shift tire swing. But, gods, it looks fun. And just maybe that knot will hold. This time. So you climb on and have your friends push you higher. Higher still, because gee whiz! you’re having a blast.

Which doesn’t last.

You knew it wouldn’t.

You saw it coming, but hopped on anyway. Then ate some dirt.

Situations like this are what I’m hoping you’ll share. Maybe there was a time (come on, admit it) when you threw caution to the wind in order to accomplish something. Fingers crossed!

I’d love to hear your story. Misery loves company, so I know other readers will, too.

~S.C. Dane