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The Universe Changes

So true. Alas, the debut of “Luna: Book One of the Luna Chronicle” has been rescheduled for a later date. It takes time for a lady to get dressed up; or as the case may be here–to adjust to her fur. Tentative coming out for Luna is March 25th, 2013, but I will keep you posted from here and from FaceBook.
Thanks to all for your patience.
~S.C. Dane


Look for the new release of “Luna: Book One of The Luna Chronicle” coming out on March 10th 2013.
Here is an excerpt for your reading pleasure:

We lazed near the carcass until raindrops pattered upon our naked bodies, then made our way into the shelter of the cave to snuggle close to one another. We fell asleep instantly, but Alec’s arms didn’t release their protective grip, even as he slumbered.
When I awakened later, I gazed up at the ceiling of our little cave, my eyes tracing the puzzle of fibrous roots; it was impossible not to smell the ancient earth above us. The rain battered the forest and deafened individual sound so all I could hear was the continuous roar of the torrential downpour. I was glad to be settled in someplace warm and dry. Alec still slept soundly beside me.
We’d shifted our bodies sometime during the night but he still had one protective arm draped across me. I studied it, and found it to be no different than any human’s normal arm. It was from the wrist down where the difference lay. His thumb was situated closer to the wrist joint, like a usable dew claw, making his hands appear longer than the average man’s; his fingers were finely tapered.
I took his hand in mine, wrapped my mouth over each refined finger. Alec whined, but didn’t open his eyes. I ran my tongue over his palm and he chortled just like a nursing pup, stretched his fingers, and curled his fist into his belly.
I giggled; he opened one eye, but promptly closed it, and his breathing deepened. I imagined the energy he’d expired in order to search for and finally kill such swift prey. Alone. My heart grew tight in my chest, and I snuggled against him so every possible square inch of my body could touch his. My love for this wolf-man consumed me; I utterly surrendered. I traced the line of the scar that crested along his hipbone.
“Beth,” he moaned softly.
I whispered into his ear. “How did you get that scar?”
Alec’s answer was to hold his breath, then exhale slowly.
I whispered in his ear again.
He didn’t open his eyes when he answered. “It is from the wire of a cage.”
I stiffened. “Come again?”
Alec rolled onto his back and snuggled his face into my chest. “It is from a cage.”
“You’re not kidding.”
“Alec, how?” How could this happen to the man I loved. Who could do this? I was angry, scared for my wolf; my heart physically hurt for him. I could feel it fluttering against my sternum.
“I was trapped.” He burrowed his head into my stomach. “It was a long time ago; when I was young and inexperienced.”
“I’m sorry.”
“For what?”
“For it all, that it happened, for my cruel species.”
Alec pulled himself up to rest his head on my shoulder. “I survived, and learned a very valuable lesson. I will not get caught again.” He pressed his lips to my neck. “And you are not a member of that cruel species. You proved that last night.” He nibbled, and ran his tongue behind my ear. “You were wonderful.”
I pushed his head with mine and blushed to my toes. “I didn’t know I had it in me.”
“I did. Believe me when I tell you, you are special.”
“Why? Because I howl?” I pried.
“Yes. And because you know how to howl.” He rolled to his side, pulling me against himself and curling his muscled body around my back, draping me within a possessive embrace. Alec’s breath slid hot along my nape, as he tasted my skin, the tip of his tongue stroking my blood into excitement so I pushed my buttocks onto his thickening need, arched my back to rock my hips in supplication. The press of his teeth against the soft skin of my nape stilled my undulations until I felt him fill me, matching his stroking rhythm to my own. Slow, persistent, intensifying the friction as I swelled and burned, my juices slicking my thighs. Alec growled, his fingers cradling my breasts in gentle contrast to the tension of his body behind me. He struggled for control, snarled my name.
I grinded, pushed his endurance as I rode the pleasure that crested within me, closed my eyes to better smell my wolf-man’s rising musk, the dark earth surrounding us. His pumping grew more furious, and when I threw my head back, spilling my hair, Alec snarled again, his ferocity building as the air in our little den thickened, grew pungent with our lovemaking. His arms encircled me possessively, tugged me close, the nuzzling of his face in the heat of my nape adoring, claiming. His body trembled, yet he would not let me go, and we spent the rest of the rainstorm nestled in the security of our lair.