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I went gallivanting to a different website, but came back to my old hunting ground. In the meantime, I wrote two more books in the Kynd Series. “Lover in Darkness” and “Lover in Chains.” Both continue the tales of my sexy gargoyles. Check ’em out!

#Paranormal romance release

Happy Thanksgiving, All! I have much to be thankful for: Kenrickey: Book Three of The Luna Chronicle” is now available at Melange Books, LLC.KenrickySCD3-sm

Back Jacket Rumblings:

In the northern Maine woods, a wolf pack unlike any other reigns the landscape. With the ability to shift into human shape, they are the supreme rulers of their territory. Until the real humans threaten their secret realm…

Ken Rickey is one of those humans. Until he’s entrusted with the secret of the wolf-people, an honor he’ll do anything to uphold. For among the wolf-people, Ken has found loyal friends in Armand and Eaen, two of the younger wolves in Luna’s pack who share his sense of adventure.

Welcoming them to his human world and keeping them safe isn’t going to be easy, especially when there are those who suspect the truth.

An intuitive woman, Naomi Foss is quick to unearth the mystery of Ken’s two friends. Human they may seem, but there is a wildness about them which is fast consuming Ken, altering him in extraordinary ways.

But the acceptance of Naomi plunges Ken and his wolf friends into dangerous territory, where the exposure of Luna’s pack becomes a lethal reality. Can these young lovers and friends stand against the threat while keeping their secret from those who hunt them?

A Scene For Your Reading Pleasure:

            We cavorted for quite some time—chasing, snatching, biting. Armand, once he’d gotten over his initial fear, darted around just as uninhibited as the rest of us; although he and Eaen were careful about shifting in front of Naomi.

I, on the other hand, shed all of my inhibitions, and the mock hunt for Nae escalated seriously. I wanted her bouncing ass all to myself, and her playful screams were jabs of electricity to my groin.

She didn’t run very fast once she caught me ogling her like she was an entrée. Good ol’ Nae. She even feigned a limp so that I could corner her in the living room. She darted her eyes around like a trapped deer, and wedged herself into the corner by the book shelf, protecting her back. Then she lifted her upper lip in a warning snarl, even as her hazel eyes glistened and her pupils stretched to turn her eyes almost black. Her blonde hair was tousled and sweaty, and I’d never seen a creature more inviting.

My mouth found hers before I could say no guts, no glory, and sweet living jackrabbits, she opened herself to me. It was all I could do not to slide Mr. Plucky into home once the ump signaled for me to steal. Her tongue teased, tasted me, then retreated maddeningly, and I withdrew just far enough to clamp my teeth across her windpipe and cup her ass in my hands.     She gasped, and my groin ached as it grew more swollen.

The ringing of her cell phone was like the screech of a car crash, and we both flinched at the intrusion of it. Naomi groaned as she slid away toward her pile of clothes on the living room floor. Eaen and Armand stood with their legs splayed, sides heaving, and wore tendrils of frothy spit on their fur. I stood with my need so obvious my balls hurt.

            Christ, guys.

Eaen winked, the teasing turd. He saw. He’d noticed we’d all gone a bit nuts, and he loved it. Armand’s waving tail gave him away, too, but the three of us paid more attention to Nae’s cell phone call.

It was The Bear, and he wanted her and his car. She’d been gone too long already, judging by her end of the conversation. She’d promised to be back before lunch and it was past that. My, how time really does fly when you’re having fun.

She told him she’d be right there, then snapped the lid shut on her phone. And I got an unexpected explosion of jealousy in my guts.

“Don’t go, Nae. Stay with us,” I offered, and fought like hell to keep my anger from boiling over into my voice. A feat beyond me, I wasn’t exactly successful. “Tell him to fuck himself.” Oh, yeah, I was really trying.

“I can’t, Ken. Not yet, anyway, but soon,” she promised.

            Was she crying? “Aw, Christ, Nae, don’t cry.” She effing leveled me. I was a mud puddle waiting to catch her tears, and before I knew it, my feet crossed the room and my arms were wrapped around her. I’d have sacrificed daylight for her.

“Come back later, then, huh?” I pulled her away to lose myself in her shimmering eyes, which had turned green because she cried. “I’ll come get you. Just call me, and I’ll come, okay? Whenever you want.” My fingers combed her tousled bangs, tucking their length behind her seashell ear.

She nodded and sniffed, and my heart cracked. Jee-zus, how was I letting her leave?

I wiped her tears with the pad of my thumb, pulled her warm body close, then ripped myself away and edged a fair distance back to stand between Eaen and Armand while we watched her dress. Weren’t we the gentlemen? When she finished donning her clothes, the four of us huddled to say good-bye.

“We really have to talk, Nae. Soon,” I said, before she slipped out the door and into the Yeti’s car. Within moments, she was gone, but even I could still smell the snowy day in our house.

~S.C. Dane

#Free Wolves and Tagged Lupines

Free Wolves and Tagged Lupines

A double title, and each subject joined by their natures. Wolves.
The first is a chin-lifted-to-the-sky celebration, howled to the moon by a lucky winner of a free copy of Luna: Book One of The Luna Chronicle. I offered it up at The Romance Studio’s Summer Bash, and it got snagged in minutes. Luna found a new home.

The second portion of the title refers to Grane: Book Two of The Luna ChronGraneicle. Once you read the book you’ll understand what I’m referring to. Things don’t go well for my title character.
In the story, at least. Outside of the book’s binding, things are going great for the gray wolf. He gets set free. Onto the general public. Effective midnight tonight, August 18, 2013.
In the pale light of a waxing moon, Grane will emerge from the shadows of Melange-Books LLC to show himself in all his scarred skin and yellow-eyed glory.

Here’s a taste:

The Luna with her mate.
I kept my nose tucked under my tail and feigned sleep so that I could watch them. They belonged together; it showed in the curve of their bodies as they folded in and around one another. I lay still, and when they had finished talking and Luna had fallen asleep, I could see their bodies rise and release in the harmony of their breaths. They were beautiful. And I was a fool to have ever taken her from him.
Alec, her mate, watched over her while she slept, his tender vigilance illuminating just how much he had missed her, and how ardently he protected her. From the likes of me.
Yet, they offered me consolation when it was I who had stolen Luna from her family, seized her from this fierce love. How could they overlook my crimes? My mauling by Meron’s pack of wolves would have been a fit ending to my wretched life, they should have left me to endure the justice of a cruel death.
But no, instead they protected me, and offered sanctuary to my little group from the violence of their daily existence. For that kindness alone, I owed the alphas more than my loyalty. I revved my spine and shot the blood to my skin so I could speak to my new leader with words and not my wolf body language.
He watched my transformation with a quietude born of confidence. “You do not sleep, Grane,” he whispered. Luna stirred in his embrace, but did not open her eyes. She smiled in her sleep, and looked nothing like the frightening creature I had witnessed earlier that day, when she had fisted Meron‘s head in her hand for us all to see.
I pulled my eyes from the vision of the Luna to watch my new pack leader. Like his mate, he smiled because they were whole again. Truly, I did not deserve to witness such affection, and I answered before my self-disgust overwhelmed me.
“No, we are too close yet to Meron’s pack. If they followed us…” I let my sentence trail away with my fretful thoughts. If these two creatures were harmed?
“I do not think they will come,” he predicted.
His conviction was not misplaced. My sister would not send anyone, nor would they come voluntarily. The Luna’s threat had pierced into the hearts of every wolf present. I had seen the dread in their eyes, their rigid bodies. She had not only challenged the pack leader, but the entire army of wolves, and they had focused on her with a terror born from survival. I know, because I had been just as frightened as the others. The Luna, with her poison, could have killed us all. Sweet deliverance, I had sat on that ground a bloody mess, and she had offered me her smile and her hand, a safe place within her family. I had stretched my arm across that terrifying reach, and had accepted her heart.
What right had I? A tremor sizzled across my back, and I spoke to quiet my thoughts.
“I believe you are right, Alec. But still, I tend to be cautious.”
“It is a trait that will benefit our pack, Grane. We welcome it.”
I dropped my eyes from his earnest gaze. He had uttered the word we as if he spoke for them all inclusively, and my charred heart fluttered with hope. I asked for my leave before I revealed my torment, and retreated into the woods to conceal myself in a cluster of alders.
I was a disgusting, spiteful wolf who did not deserve this opportunity for redemption! For too long I had been under Meron’s sway. How did I let myself dare await such promises? I was undeserving. Armand was the one. As were Ane and Elga. It was they who had needed deliverance. My atrocities against my fellow wolf deserved no forgiveness.
My lungs filled with my anguished howl, and I clamped my jaw to stifle it. That one wail would unleash too much from my scarred spirit, and I gripped the silver stems of the alders that offered their shelter to diffuse the tension that balled my muscles.
I would humbly serve this pack even if it tormented me. I would bow to each and every member to repay them for my barbarity, and for their kindness to mine. I let myself go and burned into my wolf form so that I could hunt to distract my thoughts. We still had far to go before we returned to the territory where I had stolen Luna.
Great suffering! We were returning to the origin of my crime. I moved my paws to silence my brain and shackle my heart. I had a debt to pay and I would own it if killed me.

~S.C. Dane

Kill the Vampires–for the love of Lily Fain!

Griffyd Fychan squatted low in the darkness, his muscled haunches bunching as he spread his clawed feet to grip the pavement. He felt the steady bump-thump of his heart as the decay of the creature he hunted wafted through his nose, across his tongue.

Vampire. An ambulatory corpse that resembled humans only in that they had legs, arms and a head. The similarities ended there. Griffyd had seen them up close as he had slain them, so he knew. Knew that they sported needle fangs and razor claws with which to extract blood from their victims.

Griffyd watched the offensive creature creep along the shadows of the brick wall of the grocery store, silent in its pursuit for the opportune moment the woman would step from the ring of light illuminating the store’s entrance and into the night that swallowed her car.

The woman shifted her bags, the jangle of her keys tinkling like a starter bell in Griffyd’s ears. He leapt from his crouch, springing the distance between himself and the vampire like a rock flung from a slingshot.

In a single, graceful motion, his clawed fingers gripped the vampire’s nape as he coiled his arm to draw the loathsome creature toward him, crushing his fanged jaws to its cold neck, shredding its head from its shoulders before it could even hiss. With another quick swipe, he snatched his fingers into the hair of the dropping head, then bolted backward into the deeper shadows, hauling his kill along with him.

Griffyd scraped a muscled forearm across his mouth to rid his lips of the residue left by the vampire. There had been no blood; the damned thing had needed sustenance desperately, yet the vampire-killer felt no pangs of sympathy in his beating heart. The creature he had slain had been dead already, its hunger for blood an abhorrent postponing of the decomposition nature had intended.

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“No Little Thing” is a big thing!

My second paranormal romance novel has hit the digital shelves (find it at Jupiter Gardens Press). Titled No Little Thing, by S.C. Dane, it is vastly different from my first novel Luna: Book One of The Luna Chronicle.

Read this blurb, and you’ll see why:

Lily Fain’s life as a horror novelist isn’t perfect, but it suits her, even if she has written off true love in exchange for her fictional world of monsters. Then her imagined world comes to life when she discovers she has a stalker who isn’t the average fan, but a real vampire who wants her dead.

Griffyd Fychan is a vampire-killer who is seven feet of lithe muscles, quick reflexes, and an explosion of ferocity that strikes terror in those he hunts, even those he rescues. But when the slayer steps between Lily and her vampire stalker, Griffyd’s instincts not only compel him to protect her from their mutual enemy, but to bond with her, as well.

The problem? Griffyd isn’t human–he belongs within the pages of Lily’s horror novels.

Faced with the menacing vampire-killer’s affections, will Lily retreat in fear to her author’s life? Or will she surrender to her dark passion for Griffyd, whose bonding to her could alter her in ways neither one could have ever foreseen?

THAT’S THE BLURB. See? It’s very different from Luna. The most striking difference is the author’s voice. I wrote my first novel without ever having read a paranormal romance in my life. I had no clue about format, what readers were looking for. I had simply written a story that wanted telling. By the time I got to writing Grane: Book Two of The Luna Chronicle( not available til August 2013), I had begun to get an inkling. By book three? Kenrickey reveals a definite path toward my immersion into the world of paranormal romance.

No Little Thing is the culmination of a lot of reading and of studying the genre. It turned out well. Especially since I didn’t stray from my core belief in my writing: I conjure heroes who have my readers moaning: “I want one!”

You will want your own Vampire-killer. Don’t think so? Then I dare you to read No Little Thing, and prove me wrong. For now, you can find the novel (in e-book format) at Jupiter Gardens Press.

Happy reading. And, oh yeah, I told you so.

~S.C. Dane


Luna: Book One of The Luna Chronicle is now available in print, too! You can find links to order it, and you can read an excerpt, at S.C. Dane’s website

Or, you can go straight to the publishing house ( or to the printer

And of course, Luna: Book One of The Luna Chronicle is available in e-book for your Kindle. Just follow the links listed above.

Happy reading!


SHE’S HERE! “Luna: Book One of The Luna Chronicle” has arrived! Find her at Melange Books  (S.C. Dane’s publisher) or at S.C. Dane’s website

Luna’s coat is gorgeous, and her guts glorious. Go check her out. What are you waiting for? Now is not the time to be timid. Sink your teeth into a good book.

For those of you awaiting the printed version, you can order it through (links are on S.C. Dane’s website and at Melange Books) on Tuesday, March 12, 2013.