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Gargoyles or Sexy Guys? Lover in Stone, Installment No. 1

Hey, Folks!
It’s been awhile since I finished “Wolf Love” and you’re probably wondering where the heck the new story is. Chew your fingernails no more! Here it is:

“Lover in Stone.” A paranormal romance dripping with spicy love scenes and a spicier man. Or, Chimera, in this case. What the eff is a Chimera? He’s a triple threat kind of beastie–three yummy creatures in one.

In this story, our Chimera is Merrick, who’s Gargoyle, Lion, and Angel. Don’t be put off by the Gargoyle portion. This is a paranormal romance. Men are hot, hot, hot. Forget what you know of ugly gargoyles. Mine are hunks of granite with a capital G.

Now, I’ll shut up, so you can get reading. Installments will come twice a week: Tuesdays and Saturdays. Yeah, I know today is Wednesday, but I was anxious to reveal “Lover in Stone.”

Here’s your blurb and the Prologue.


To the world they are the Grotesques—hideous chimeras and gargoyles of stone. But before they are locked in their granite prisons, they are Kynd——magnificent beings condemned to prowl the nightmares of every realm.

Their tortures will doom them to stone.

The love of a Chosen One could save them.

For more than two thousand years, Merrick has borne the misery of being the guardian to Hell’s Archway. He has witnessed millions of condemned souls, slaughtered thousands of trespassers, and his enraged despair is pushing him to the brink of becoming what the world expects his Kynd to be.

Go to Hell. A mission the Triumvirate instructs Angelia Delacroix to undertake, and she doesn’t blink twice. Not when she feels it’s her destiny to retrieve the Scriptum, an ancient text stolen from the Literati and absconded with to the bowels of that infernal cauldron.

As the pair quest for the Scriptum, will Merrick surrender his battered heart to the beautiful Angelia? Or will he succumb to his rage, dooming himself to his stone fate for all eternity, and his Chosen One to the innermost Circle of Hell?

Lover in Stone


            “So it is written?”

            “It is, my Lord.”

            “And sent forth?”

            “To Earth, as you instructed. But?”

            “Speak freely, Alielle.”

            “If the Scriptum is not found in time?”

            “Ah, your fears are well grounded, old friend, but let us have Faith.”

            “But if it is found not by whom you have intended?”

            “You play devil’s advocate.”

            “I do.”

            “Then I have a worthy companion in you, Alielle. All will not be lost.  There is still hope, even then.”

            “Yet, if the Chosen One and the scriptum are not united?” 

Then its secrets will remain locked.”

            “But Your Kynd, my Lord.”

            “Ah, yes. My beloved Witnesses, angel. There lies the conundrum of Free Will, even for them. They will suffer until they decode their own Truth.”

I fear for them. Even if they free themselves and choose sides, they may not find Love. For all their discretion, my Lord, they are a fierce lot.”

            “So they are. But have faith in Love, Alielle. It has power even you cannot imagine.”

            “And you trust the Kynd will gain knowledge of it? That they will discover Love, along with their Chosen One? That seems improbable, with all due respect.”

            “It will take a Miracle.”

            “I hope you are joking.”

            “Faith, Alielle. Take courage in our Kynd and their ferocity. For still they are Witnesses, and see much.”

            “I hope you are right.”

            “I love them, too, angel. Let us pray they learn firsthand what it means to love, to understand the elemental joy of sacrifice.”

            “Sometimes, I think Lucifer is right. You can be cruel.”

            “Not cruel, little one. You shall see.”

            “As it is written?”

            “You are a wise angel, Alielle. Bless Our Kynd. Yes, as it is written.”

~S.C. Dane

Next Installment coming Saturday, January 31, 2015.



This is yet another chapter in the series of “Here. Hold my beer.” To bring newcomers up to speed, “Here. Hold my beer.” is the first chapter containing foibles and stunts from folks who felt like superstars while drinking.

The second chapter, “Shit You Saw Coming, But Did Anyway” is exactly what the title suggests. Again, pain is usually involved.

Third, “Didn’t See That Coming” is really a sub-chapter to the second and the first. Pain is almost always involved. As is the humiliating rush of embarrassment. At least, in this scenario, the person taking the hit really has been truly blind-sided.

Now, for the fourth chapter in my book on human shortcomings. “What could possibly go wrong?” A question which should always be followed by knocking on wood. Most often, the results of such an attitude are merely messy, and not always physically painful. “What could possibly go wrong?” you ask, while handing your friend the scissors. She’s just giving your hair a trim. It’s not as if she’s going to turn your bangs into something resembling the front of a doghouse.

*Readers take note. This happened to me, and the perpetrator knows who she is.

Or maybe you invited that weird friend to your dinner party at the last minute. I’m sure every one of you have had moments like the ones I’ve shared. I know I’m not alone in this. ‘Fess up and share.

~S.C. Dane

“Didn’t See That Coming!”

Didn’t See That Coming!

This is a subchapter for the previous installment “Shit You Saw Coming, But Did Anyway.”

Like the first two chapters preceding it, this one involves human imperfection. Yet, unlike this chapter’s predecessor, the mishap hits out of the blue. When you star, accidently, on your life’s clumsy stage for the world to see.

Want examples? Ever seen someone walk into a glass door? Miss that last step on the stairs? Walk into a pole, tree, or wall while gawking at something else? We’ve all been victims of these comic accidents. Heck, America’s Funniest Home Videos hit the jackpot with their weekly serial, because everybody in the viewing audience could relate.

They’d been there; knew exactly how that other person felt. Americans love their harmless misfortunes, so long as they can laugh about them.

Ever pushed on that heavy door that swings toward you? Then share. Admit to the moments when life’s everyday objects trip you up, send you tumbling.

We could all use a good laugh. Thank you, and I say that without laughing. I swear.

~S.C. Dane

Shit You Saw Coming, But Did Anyway

This is the second installment of the “Here hold my beer” chapter book. As you noticed, it’s titled “Shit You Saw Coming, But Did Anyway.” I think the title explains itself.

This chapter is dedicated to those moments when you have the clarity of foresight in the present, but go ahead and do exactly what you know isn’t going to end well. Probably.

And it’s that “probably” that gets you into trouble.

Because you know. You can practically see the mishap unfold before your mind’s eye. Shit is going to go down; hit the proverbial fan. Things are going to get bad. You know this.

Yet, there you go. Courage in the face of stupidity.

It could be a situation where you know that rope isn’t tied securely to that make-shift tire swing. But, gods, it looks fun. And just maybe that knot will hold. This time. So you climb on and have your friends push you higher. Higher still, because gee whiz! you’re having a blast.

Which doesn’t last.

You knew it wouldn’t.

You saw it coming, but hopped on anyway. Then ate some dirt.

Situations like this are what I’m hoping you’ll share. Maybe there was a time (come on, admit it) when you threw caution to the wind in order to accomplish something. Fingers crossed!

I’d love to hear your story. Misery loves company, so I know other readers will, too.

~S.C. Dane


Hi Everyone,

I’m just updating my post “Here–hold my beer.” Please drop in to add your liqour-laced, super-hero  accident. Whoops! I meant incident.

~S.C. Dane

“Here–hold my beer.”

This is the first in a series I’ll be publishing in which I ask for my readers’ input. The idea in its entirety is a compilation, a chapter book comprising human foibles, each contained under a certain heading.

“Here hold my beer.”

Because we’re all a little crazy. A pearl we keep close in our secret hearts.

Because there’s freedom in crazy.

It’s the consequences of our actions that keep the crazy hidden. But sometimes it escapes, and you get moments like these: “Here hold my beer.”

You’re about to try something a wee out of the ordinary, not your norm.

You are compelled to do it.

Albeit, the key to the asylum where your crazy is locked up is a Pabst Blue Ribbon, but there’s not a jailor alive who can’t be bribed.

Once the edges of your life have been smoothed away by the buzz, stunts seem doable; the dangerous, potentially harmful derring-do seems attainable. Within your grasp. If you just step off the safe curb and onto the fantastical street of Life, you too, can be a gymnast, a stunt-double.

So, you hand that beer you’re holding to the person standing next to you. You’re going to try said stunt, because you know you can do it and you’re going to be darned good at it. Your audience will be amazed! Your friends will look upon you with awe, stunned and appreciative that they know you the person who can do a back flip off your neighbor’s pool slide.

We’ve all had our moments of crazy.

Sometimes it pans out just as we had drunkenly imagined it would. We are Stars!  Too often, it doesn’t.

These are the times I’m looking for. I want you to share those crazy, beer buzzed moments when anything was possible and the last words out of your mouth were: “Here hold my beer.”

Please and Thank you for sharing your pitfalls, your most embarrassing moments, or your stupendous successes achieved in moments of utter stupidity while intoxicated.

~S.C. Dane