More Nothing

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As a writer, I’m a word junkie. I crave words, get high from their meanings. Unlike math and numbers, writing and words are like Silly Putty® They can be stretched and played with, their definitions malleable.

I could give you examples, but the list would be as long as…the Oxford Dictionary. The English language is a mutt, a crossbreed who continues to change to this day. Such fun!

Now, I can give you an example of the fun. In my quest for Nothing I came across this website:

The owners of this website sell ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Satisfaction is guaranteed. Check it out:


We know that you work hard for your money, so we are working overtime to develop our customer image. We’ll do nothing to help you right from the start. If you don’t like our service, we’ll do nothing until we get it right. Anyone can offer nothing, but we’ll deliver. Others may stop at nothing to get a satisfied customer, but to us nothing is just the beginning.

This is just one example of the funny business of Nothing going on at this website. There is plenty more in the fun department over there. So if you just need a smile or chuckle for the day, I recommend the visit.

Thank you to the makers of Nothing. Find Nothing at


~S.C. Dane

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