WIPS (with no H, ladies!)#deepPOV

I’m back to writing on a regular basis. Whew. It feels like immersing myself in a warm bath: utterly rejuvenating. You might think writing is work. You wouldn’t be wrong. It’s challenging, sometimes downright grueling. Yet, for me, it’s invigorating. Replenishing as it depletes.
Which is why I’m glad to be back at it. I’ve missed it terribly. I’ve got new characters I want to spend time with. Yes, I have real friends, but these imaginary ones lead far more exciting lives.
With this WIP, I’m exploring the Holy Grail of narration: deep POV. I hope I’m mastering it. If not, I’m having fun trying, anyway. Because it feels more like stream of consciousness, and therefore, the story feels more immediate.
I think this is what deep POV achieves. Right? Right?!

~S.C. Dane


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