Wolf-Love #shifter #sexy #MFRWauthor


Installment No. 44

    Well, all righty then. So much for jitters around the mother-in-law. Def of jitters: extreme nervousness. Which never happened. First, Sofia didn’t know that was her new monster-in…whoopsie…German’s mother. Second? Can we all say alpha? Criminy. Kyrenn was the Ice Queen strutting down those stairs, like she was made of alabaster and nothing could break her. Not only that, the woman was magnetic, in a Come punch me in the face kind of way. If German hadn’t stepped in front of her…well, suffice it to say her first meeting with her mate’s mother would have been called an irreparable disaster. Sofia’s muscles had drawn tight, pulling her bones to erect attention, like she was making herself look ten feet tall and bulletproof. Which she was. One bad-ass move on the Alpha’s part and she’d been ready to launch herself like a UFC fighter.

    But then the older woman had come closer, laying those brown eyes onto hers and Sofia felt that gaze on a visceral level. Yeah, her new mother-in-law was formidable. Strong. But she was more than that. What Sofia caught in those sable eyes? A noble, but wounded wolf. She expected the noble part. German was her son, after all. It was the wounded facet that made Sofia’s inner wolf sit back on her haunches to reassess. Fight? Not when new rules were suddenly tossed into the ring. Sofia wasn’t sure what kind of injury she was looking at. Didn’t matter. She just knew she backed off without thinking about it, like her wolf knew enough to circle her prey. Good enough for her. Her instincts had played her true her whole life, she wasn’t going to turn her back on them now.

    Even though a part of her wanted to leave a scratch on that stoic, snooty cheek, just so the woman would know Sofia wasn’t pleased with how she’d treated her mate. The woman’s son, for God’s sake. Like it would kill her to show some affection to a man who obviously still had feelings for his mom? Yeah, anger was a feeling, and was so often rooted in love Sofia didn’t doubt it was where half of German’s resentment stemmed from. The mother had scarred the son, for jumped-up-criminy’s sake. Scarred him. Every time Sofia ran her hands down the man’s back, she felt that puckered skin.

    So. Shred the woman a new asshole, or wait to see if her mother in-law was already down for the count? Decisions, decisions. Obviously, she’d gone for the second option, using humor to fend off the miasma of Ugh the alpha female had left in her wake.

    Hey, it worked. And just to rub noses, no pun intended whatsoever! she and German had christened the sheets in his den. Finger quote around the den because it was far from a hole in the ground. The suite was as luxuriant as the rest of the manor, and there was enough room on the bed for another three couples, not that Sofia was willing to find out. They’d shared a quick shower afterward, but still. Sofia loved how German’s scent emanated from her skin. And vice versa. No matter how much they bathed.

    A tuxedo and a gown were laying on the bed when they stepped from the bathroom. Sofia gulped. Formal? Jeesh. She hadn’t worn a dress since she was young enough the hem could show her frilly panties and it was cute. At least this one was longer. Holding it up, she could tell the dress was going to fit like a second skin…from some other, smaller person! Sofia had worked jobs that required her to be exceptionally fit. She might be thin, but she was muscular. She’d probably look like the Incredible Hulk in that dress, ready to bust the seams.

    “Niiice.” German slid in behind her, his arm stretching over her shoulder to finger the itty-bitty garment. “Soft. Like you.” He nuzzled her nape, scraped his teeth along the skin. Shivers scurried across her skin.

    “You would think so. It’s not going to fit.”

    “Try it on.” The command came out as a purr of invitation instead.

    “You just want to see me stuffed in this like a sausage.”

    “Yep. Edible. Exactly what I was thinking.”



    Sofia turned in his arms, rubbing her cheek along the flat planes of German’s damp chest. She cupped his ass, lifting the rounded muscle under the terry of the towel tied around his waist. “So, no hunting for dinner, huh?”

    German went still in her hands before a long breath left his lungs. He rested his chin on the top of her head. “No. Not this time or—”

    A knock on the door interrupted him. “Hold that thought, right?”

    Nodding, German handed her the dress. “Put this on, and I’ll see who’s at the door.”

    “Boss much?”

    “Only when I’m anxious to see you in that sleeve of a dress.” He waggled his eyebrows.

    “Creep.” But a smile spread on her lips just before she pressed them to her mate’s. As they’d done only a short while ago they kept their eyes open, pulling back a trace to better see each another.

    “I love you, Red. Please don’t forget that.” So earnest. A little somber despite the slight smile on lips she’d wetted with her own. Like he had regrets? Maybe, but there was more when she looked beyond the shining of those so-green eyes: a forest of feelings, most of them intense, matching the hold of his embrace. They were wrinkling the dress squashed between them.     Without warning, German crashed his mouth to hers as he lifted her clear from the floor. His tongue swept her concerns from her like a wave clearing footprints imbedded in the sand, and Sofia was swept out to sea on their mated scent erupting with his heat.

    “German…” Somehow they were on the floor, his body pressing hard, the rigid length of him pushing against her bare stomach. Their towels must have come undone during their ride to the buffed floorboards. A twist of his hips and German ground harder, dragging along the bone beneath her sex curls.

    “Baby…” Who knew if he meant to say more? She swallowed the moan coming from him as her body arched to claim his weight. German rose to his elbows, his fingers knotted in her wet hair. She felt claws on her scalp, another twist of his hips, and the slide of his lengthening flesh. A push of his knee to her bare thigh and she was opened for him.

    Under her hands, German’s skin burned. Flames licked along her nipples, igniting her. The air of the room lapped cool behind the trail of her mate’s mouth, and her breasts grew heavy, deliciously sensitive. The nip of sharp teeth tore a gasp from her throat as low down she alternated between tight and loose, her body getting tighter, higher with the fluctuating sensations until she rocked her pelvis to ease the building pressure.

    They both labored for breath, their mouths colliding, sucking. A sting to her lip as the coppery tang of her own blood taunted her tongue. She was losing control, but when she gripped tufts of hair at German’s human ears to pull him back, his eyes had gone wolf, the light refracted in a flash of illuminated green. The sharp tips of his fangs had lengthened beyond his upper lip.

    His face bore the anxiety of too many things to say, and the passion building in their bodies. A growl scraped across her naked flesh as he pulled from her hold. His big hands gripped the backs of her thighs just under her ass and he shoved her forward to clamp that burning mouth, sharpening teeth and all, to her core. Sofia bucked, her wolf whining as her body fell back, her arms splayed, her own claws scratching the wood floor.

    “Stay.” The snarl shivered intimately between her thighs as strong fingers gripped behind her knees. German whipped his face toward the repeated knock on the door, his breaths sawing in and out of his lungs. He was feral and she wanted more.

    His order for the interloper to go away came out as a guttural command, caressing her skin as if German rubbed his fur the length of her. He gave his head a hard shake, as if the knock rapped on more than the door, and cooled even as Sofia lay like a bow strung taut enough to vibrate. As German took a deep breath to gather himself, his shoulders widened and narrowed her legs, playing her like an accordion. A squeezebox on fire. Flames lapped at her spine as she writhed her back into the cool floor. This time when German shook his head, he did it over and over. “No, Red, no. Stay with me.” His voice snagged her attention, his face human once again. “Breathe, baby.” But it wasn’t his words that arrested her, it was the expression of worry, of self-reproach. “Push the wolf back, you can do it.” He locked his gaze to hers, matched his breaths to her own. Synchronized, he slowed his for hers to follow. Her skin cooled incrementally. His kiss-bruised lips twitched as if to grin, but German shook his head again and pulled her close to bury his face into the canopy of her damp hair.

    “Dressed. We’d better get dressed.” Like who was he trying to convince? Screw the prissy meal. Sofia preferred to starve right there on the floor in her mate’s arms. The Ice Queen could eat by herself. And she did not just feel a pang of sympathy. Sofia nestled deeper under German’s bare body, his chuckle whispering across her ear as the heady odor of their musk enveloped her. Above her, he dragged in a deep breath then ripped himself upright, a band-aid peeling from sensitive skin. Sofia curled into the fetal position.

    “It’s time to face the dragons.” A mutter; said low as he walked to the bed where his suit lay out like a skin James Bond had shed and left on the coverlet.

    Sofia’s eyes sprung open. Dragons? Where the hell had German brought them to, anyway? And what were they about to face that was bringing her fearless mate to heel?

    ~S.C. Dane

    ~Installment No. 45 coming Tuesday, April 15, 2014.

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