Wolf-Love, Installment No. 34 #romance #freebook #MFRWauthor


Installment No. 34

    German did not let Sofia go when she buckled into her wolf form. He remained inside of her, riding the searing writhe of her sliding organs even as his own muscles undulated and tugged at his stretching bones.

    He howled his bliss as he pumped his seed, but steeled his body to a rigid trembling as he warred to hold his human form. His mate had commanded him to do so and he’d kill himself trying. Besides, embracing his she-wolf, relishing the caress of her fur against his bare skin was a euphoria he wasn’t ready to abandon.

    Not when they’d just consummated their union and he’d marked her as his for all time.

    There was no question now who they each belonged to. His scent was already beginning to swell from her pores, coating her skin. Or her fur, as the case at the moment turned out to be.

    He’d done it. He’d forever bonded himself to another. His chest constricted so tightly it squeezed tears from his eyes. Christ-Jesus, their bond was an open wound that eclipsed the scarring, just as he figured it would. But unlike the desecration of his smooth skin, Sofia’s imprinting saturated him with completion.

    Not resentment, as the marring had done to him, and he shook his head to rid it of unbidden thoughts of the Alphas. Right then, he preferred to wallow in the sensation of his female snuggled against his body, holding her as she calmed enough to revert back into her human form.

    Again, he didn’t release her, not even as her heat provoked beads of sweat from his temples and across his shoulder blades. Because just thinking about giving her some space to stretch widened a hole inside him he couldn’t bear.

    Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

    He’d done it. He’d truly and irrevocably attached himself to another wolf. A complication he’d hoped to avoid, but now he knew he’d never possessed the strength to resist her in the first place. He was too wild, too close to the hearts of his four legged brethren who never shifted.

    What would the Alphas think of him now?

    Well, they’d see him for the primal wolf he was, wouldn’t they. His heeding the call of the instinctive mating rituals would come as no surprise to them. Too often he’d been condemned for succumbing to his carnal corruption, the term coming into use to reference anything a wolf did instinctively. And Sofia? As a rogue, she would be forgiven, the blame placed on his shoulders, exactly where it belonged. On that, he would side with the Alphas. This mess was his fault. Oh, but wouldn’t they be cursing him once they realized the kind of wolf the rogue was. They would have their hands full.

    German could almost smile at the idea of the trouble she was probably going to cause.

    No. She wouldn’t. Sofia wanted a family too much to jeopardize her chances. She was smart, and would learn the ways of the Pack. While she deals with the loss of her mate.

    German groaned and tilted his head back until it hit the tree he leaned against. Sofia squirmed her cheek into his chest, and he pressed his lips to her crown, inhaling her new scent.

    Dearest Luna, he hardened again. And wouldn’t you know, Sofia responded.

    Ah yes. The beauty of being bonded.

    Sofia sat up, cupped his face in her palms as she lowered herself onto him, swallowing the hardness of him in her hot sheath. The little gulps of her silken muscles choked him so his breaths hitched. He was utterly mesmerized while she slid up and down his length with a stroking rhythm. A fevered moan tendrilled out of his mouth, and Sofia locked her lips upon his to take it into herself.

    A burning haze filled German’s head as his female clenched and pulled, clenched and pulled, milking his root until his whole body tensed in spasms of release while they held each other. Sated, they rested as they were against the supporting birch, without separating, at ease beneath the watch of a billion stars spread across the ebony sky.

    German settled a languid gaze upon the contented face before him. He leaned in to lick her bruised lips. Sofia’s gray eyes sparkled with the reflection of the stars. “So beautiful. You are so beautiful.” She took his breath, this woman who now held claim to his every molecule.

    She smiled softly with his compliment, lowering her lids in a liquid blink.

    Always I am yours, he almost promised aloud, caught up in the peace of being hers. Idiot. He was hers, but still. Saying she would own him forever felt like another promise he was just going to break. The truth of which pushed his thoughts toward the future. A future without this wolf-woman. Without his Pack.

    The latter he could handle. Was looking forward to the freedom of it, as a matter of fact.

    The former? The empty years yawned in front of him, a cold and empty abyss worse than nothingness. Because loss carried its own kind of crushing weight. A quick shiver ran up his spine.

    “You all right?” Sofia tightened her hug to comfort him. Such an act of tenderness from one who had only known hardship. He could kill them all for trying to ruin her. Had the humans succeeded, he figured his life would be worth even less than when he was to leave her behind at the compound. At least, she would be alive. She wouldn’t feel complete now that they’d mated, but she’d have something close: a caring family.

    Fuck. “Yeah, I’m all right.” Right then, with her in his arms? He was perfect. Too bad it wasn’t going to last.

    ~S.C. Dane

    ~Installment No. 35 coming Tuesday, March 11, 2014.


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