Wolf-Love, Installment No. 33 #shifter #romance #MFRWauthor


Installment No. 33

    Sofia lay curled within German’s embrace, unwilling to remove herself from the sense of utter protection. She didn’t want to lose this feeling of security, not when reality still burned under her skin like an arsonist had taken up residence in the house of her bones. God alive, she’d actually turned into a wolf! At one point, she didn’t think it could really be happening. Her brain didn’t make the leap with the rest of her body, and she’d stared down at her paws, her arm/legs stretching in front of her as if from some phantasmagoric height. Her stomach had lurched at the view, lodging itself like a slimy rock under her lungs. Then her heart had gone spastic and the rest of her followed to circle the drain.

    Until those vice-like arms pinned her, instantly giving her substance, reminding her that her body might be melting, but it was shifting into something solid, a being with form. It hadn’t just been the feel of German, either. His scent had filled her, consuming her every cell the way the emerging wolf had. German had saved her life. She wasn’t going to dick around about that. With the remnants of her fear still clinging to her nerves, she snuggled in deeper against his chest, garbling a thank you through a throat lined with burdocks and broken glass.

    She felt German’s chuckle rumble across her skin as he caressed a lock of hair along her temple. “I believe you just said thanks. You are very welcome, but you might want to hold off talking for a few more seconds. The vocal chords are the last thing to come around.”

    Sofia simply nodded, her cheek slipping along her hair plastered to German’s bare chest. Too embarrassed to look up, she remembered how she’d clung to his voice, his scent—how her body had invited his as though it wasn’t complete unless he physically joined himself to her.

    And that rope, or steel band, or whatever it was between them, demanded their union. She was now so attached to German, she felt the ache of missing him. The only way to ease it was for him to touch her. Hence, her not moving from the precious security of his embrace. Jesus, she’d straddled for him, she had begged him to penetrate her and make her whole.

    Saying she loved him didn’t begin to cover her feelings for him.

    Because it feels too human.

    “Holy shit.”

    “One of your first words as a she-wolf is holy shit?” His baritone chuckle rode across her nerve endings. “It’s appropriate, mind you, but I guess I expected something a little more eloquent.”

    Please, please, please keep talking.

    She adored the sound of his voice for the comforting way it resonated within her, how it stilled her and thrilled her all at the same time. It reminded her of the song she’d ultimately howled for all she was worth.

    It was his song. Meant only for him.

    And she’d released it like a benediction. For her mate.

    Holy shit. This wolf-man was her mate, and now she understood it on a level which stunned her as much as turning into a wolf had.

    “You must be starving.”

    Starving? There were more overwhelming things keeping her preoccupied, so she wasn’t even thinking of how empty her belly was. But, now that German reminded her, it woke up and protested, growling like the depraved thing it was. The big body sheltering hers gently slid away, repositioning her into a comfortable spot on the ground. It was night, and the earth should have been cold on her bare skin, but it wasn’t. She radiated a wondrous heat, making the dirt a welcome contrast to her skin.

    “You stay here and rest while I get you something, okay?”

    Like he was going to the fridge.

    Sofia’s belly snarled louder. Hunting was good. She wanted to go.

    But, damn, her body was tired. Considering what it had been through, she shouldn’t be surprised by her exhaustion. German pressed a light kiss on her temple then stepped away to remove his clothes. He turned to her, his nose lifting, and flashed his beautiful teeth in a moonlit smile. “Get some sleep, Temptress. You’ll need your energy.” He disappeared so quick it was like he stepped off the planet.

    The guy had some serious skills, making her think retrieving dinner was a done deal. She could think on other things. Like the other reason why she’d survived her first shift: the dreams. Straddling on all fours had seemed like the right thing to do, just as it had been in her dreams. Except then she’d panicked when she realized she truly had paws and she wasn’t going to wake up from this.

    German’s clutching onto her had been a lifeline in more ways than one. His scent in her nose had tripped her instincts. Those exact ones she’d fallen on when she’d raised her face to howl at the tree-woman. Only now Sofia knew the woman in her dreams was a wolf-woman, too, and she’d helped her recover her song. No. Not her song. Her mate’s song. German’s song.

    She’d howled as if her life had depended on it. Halfway through it German’s timber coiled around it like…like a rope or a steel band, strengthening it and her right along with it. No wonder his voice had the power to arrest her. He was her mate, her fated one.

    Not yet.

    She didn’t know how she knew that with such certainty, but given everything else happening to her, she couldn’t dismiss it. They weren’t mated, since she’d freaked out just as she’d spread her backside for him, welcoming him with animal abandon. Yeah, animal abandon all right: wondrously open. Guileless. Without a trace of humanity. She’d had a few seconds of sheer glory before it all came crashing down on her.

    Closing her eyes to savor her lost moment, she found herself drifting peacefully between the realms of sleep and wakefulness, where she was aware, yet detached. Until the scent of warm blood teased her nostrils and transported her musings to the flesh, where they resided in balmy kinship. Her spirit swelled like the aroma of the fresh blood, bolting her upright because it wasn’t her stomach growling. It was her, and she wanted whatever it was that smelled so delicious.

    “I see someone has an appetite.”

    Sofia lifted her face to German, unable to drag her eyes from the sight of him. He was beautiful in the moonlight, his green eyes glittering with the reflection of the silver moon. Still. “That rabbit smells so good.” Saliva flooded her mouth, forcing her to lick her lips and swallow. She felt her cheeks burn, and it wasn’t because there was a glorious, naked wolf-man standing in front of her.

    “Don’t be embarrassed, Red. Your reaction is perfectly wolf. One hundred and ten percent normal.” He held the hare by its broad hind feet and stripped its pelt down over its head to expose the flesh.

    Sofia clambered to her knees to reach for it, but caught herself at the last moment, folding her hand into her stomach. “Sorry about that. I’m so hungry I’m losing my manners.”

    He winked. “It’s appreciated. We’re wolves. Here, you get first dibs.” German held out a healthy chunk of slick burgundy. “It’s the liver.” He knelt in front of her, offering her sustenance with an expectant shine in his eyes. “It is my gift to you, and I would be blessed if you would take it, —” He bit down on the word or words which would have followed.

    For some reason, the omission energized the link she felt between them, and the beaming sunshine inside her burst forth. Sofia wrapped her lips around the crimson gift German offered her.

    As he’d done the first time he’d fed her like this, German pressed his lids closed and inhaled so deep his bare chest heaved. “Thank you.” His voice snagged in his throat as she wound her tongue along his bloodied fingers. “Sofia, I…” he opened his eyes, but aimed them for the ground as his ears flared pink. Sofia’s head filled with his blooming scent. His gaze flicked upward, then pinned her with a hunger that surpassed her snarling stomach, and his determined gleam stabbed through her, impaling her heart.

    Quicker than the strike of a snake, he was crushing her against him, his mouth tentatively brushing her own: a soft contrast to the strength in his arms. Sofia begged for more with passionate greed, suckling his mouth to entice him further.

    Like a thing possessed, he responded, his heat engulfing her own, and she lay back upon the earth, relenting to the press of his fangs against her windpipe.

    “I’m…” German growled as he released her to press kisses along the path of her sternum. His shaking said what his voice couldn’t; as did the presence of his sharp teeth. He was losing control.

    She made him lose control, and her pride flushed to consume her. Sofia arched her back as his incisors pinched her nipple.

    “Stay,” she commanded, forcing him to hold his human form.

    “Sofia,” he pleaded.

    “No.” She was relentless.

    German roared into the taut skin of her belly, the vibration purring straight to her thighs. Gripping the thick muscles of his shoulders she rolled her hips around the warmth pooling between her legs. A pleasured growl scintillated through her as she turned to straddle for him.

    “Sweetest Luna.” She felt his lips curl into an appreciative smile as he yanked her tight to the curve of his stomach and hips, his face buried under the hair at her nape. Sofia’s skin erupted in fevered goose-bumps. Their bonded scent flooded the air around them as German’s root slid along the crease of her buttocks, and automatically she spread her thighs wider. With the gentle nudge of his intrusion, she arched for him, yet he went no further. With an impatient growl, she sat back to take the length of him, and erupted with a thousand sparks from the exquisite pain of her mate filling her.

    ~S.C. Dane

    ~Installment No. 34 coming Saturday, March 8, 2014.


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