Wolf-Love, Installment No. 27



Installment No. 27

     It was the nudge against the soles of her boots that woke her. Sofia drew her knees up to her chin, rubbed the back of her hand across her eyes and bolted upright. She’d been caught sleeping again, but this time when she glanced around her, she smiled at the person who was in her space.

    “German.” Saying his name, seeing him at her feet, squeezed her heart like a lover’s hug. The feeling deepened her smile.

    “Good morning,” he winked, still crouching naked at her feet.

    “It’s still night, Observant One.”

    “Yeah, but I like the idea of greeting you,” he admitted, his grin brief, uncertain, as if he awaited a negative response.

    She couldn’t give him one. Not a chance of it, because that admission hugged her heart so tight it barely functioned. She managed to pull it together by pointing to what was in his hand.

    He lifted it by its long ears. “Breakfast. Or dinner. Whichever you want to call it.”

    “You caught that.” It was not a question.

    German nodded as another shy grin exposed some of his luminescent teeth.

    “Amazing,” she breathed, and they held their gazes on each other. The word encompassed so much. He was amazing. The fact he was a wolf was amazing. His liking her, well, that left her downright dumbfounded.

    But he did like her. Everything about him told her he did. And she didn’t think she’d been dreaming, but she thought of how his body had felt on hers. The way his teeth had scraped her skin and his searing mouth had lit her up.

    Yeah, that.

    She felt her cheeks burn, along with a sudden rush within her muscles.

    German reached out his hand for hers, and the dark shadows of night defined the striated muscles of his shoulder. She didn’t hesitate to put her hand in his.

    “Come on. I bet you’re starving.”

    She let him lift her to her feet and then she stepped back as he gripped the rabbit with both hands to peel its skin from its muscles. The sound of cloth tearing stirred her stomach to growling life.

    German beamed a toothy smile. “See.”

    Yeah, she was ravenous, and damned if she didn’t care if the bunny was cooked or not. She was already swallowing the saliva flooding into her mouth. Which got her wondering about the whole cooked meat thing and a hundred other questions.

    “Will you eat this raw like a wolf?” It embarrassed her to ask, but German’s forthright answer eased her, gave her courage.

    “It’s definitely better tasting when the blood’s not heated out of it. But when we’re eating in public, we have to eat cooked foods. We’re odd enough as it is, and ordering a raw hamburger would raise a few eyebrows”

    “I can’t even say that’s gross.”

    “Good, because you know…”

    “Are you hinting that I should try this rabbit without cooking it?”

    “Yeah, pretty much. I mean,” he held his breath like he searched for the right words, as though he was trying not to scare her with too much, too soon. “As a wolf, you’re going to want to hunt, which means…”

    Like a little kid at Christmas, she couldn’t wait for him to finish. “You really think I’m going to turn into a wolf?” Shit, but she couldn’t suppress her excitement. This was extraordinary; too good to be true, really. She knew she wriggled, but couldn’t help that either.

    German, however, got quiet as his hands lowered to his sides.

    Not a good sign.

    Her body stilled beside his. “What?”

    He shook his head then pinched a bite of rabbit flesh between his bloody fingers and offered it to her, his face neutral except for little lines of tension at his lips. Like he was offering her more than food? No, he couldn’t be. Could he?

    For the first time in Sofia’s life, someone’s uncertainty had her emotionally tripping over herself. Because her gut reaction was telling her German wasn’t just giving her something to eat. He’d have handed her more than the little bite he held at his fingertips, if that was the case. He meant to feed her. One very personal nibble at a time.

    Something uncurled within her. No more hesitation. She leaned in to take the morsel between her teeth, and he shivered expectantly, watched her descend with green eyes narrowing with yearning, as though he wanted to be that bit of rabbit meat.

    Sofia obliged him, slicking her tongue around his bloody fingertips as her teeth pressed into fresh meat. When his other hand cupped her head, the something that had awakened within her stretched, wringing things inside of her which had been lying dormant. Sofia suckled with German’s encouragement, lowering her lashes with satisfaction at the sharp rasp of his inhalation.

    “Sofia.” Her name was a caress, and he withdrew to pull her another strip of flesh.

    She swallowed her first piece, and kept her eyes riveted on the man as he offered to feed her again. He was gorgeous in his vulnerability: all anticipating tension and shivering. The lean curve of muscles as he turned to her, the need in his expanding pupils.

    Oh, yeah. She wanted to please him. Because it pleasured her, too.

    He held up more meat for her between his fingertips, his need to nourish her shining as radiantly upon his face as the heat enveloping them. She took his gift and swallowed, even though her own arousal was thickening her throat.

    The moisture spreading between her legs was akin to the slick of blood in her mouth. She was aroused by this intimacy of his feeding her.

    German continued to ply her with the food he’d hunted, that he’d gotten for her.

She knew it was hers, because he refused to eat any of it himself. Yet he seemed to grow sated the more she took from him. And more aroused.

    He trembled, the air thickening with what she now knew as his unique scent as the heat he radiated bloomed as if the sun neared. “I cannot do much more of this.” His confession was one of pain. He squeezed his eyes shut, and clenched his whiskered jaw. Sofia watched with tingling pleasure the pull and drop of his Adam’s apple as he swallowed and breathed to calm himself.

    “I can’t hold…” he whined and lifted his lids, beseeching her.

    She pulled his crouched body into hers, enfolded the flame he was against her, and he surrendered to her embrace, lifted his face to her windpipe and squeezed it with his sharpening teeth.

    Sofia’s hips lifted as she drew him tighter against her and laid her head back to give more of herself. Despite the hard locking of his muscles, German held her gently. She knew he struggled against himself, and yet she taunted him, fell back to the earth behind her to welcome his weight. A low hum twirled up her throat, like a soothing hymn, and she closed her eyes to the stilling of straining flesh beneath her palms.

    Sofia sing.

    Her throat obeyed the insistent plea, and she lifted her lids as searing hands cradled her face.

    “Sing.” The face above hers was rapture. “Red wolf, you are beautiful. Sing”

    And then the bliss of his mouth returned to her vibrating windpipe, and Sofia lifted her hips for him again, inviting the hardness pushing along her inner thigh. She wetted for him, her body aching to be his shelter as he sucked her breast through her shirt.

    “Sweetest Luna.” His breath as he swore was the zephyr winds upon her nipple.

    ~S.C. Dane

    ~Installment No. 28 coming Saturday, February 15, 2014.


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