WOLF-LOVE, Installment No. 23


Installment No. 23

    Holy Mother of all that’s holy! Absurd epithet, he knew, but this whole mission bordered on illogical. Things were not going down the way he was used to. Granted, the way he was used to had actually just happened. He’d bound his quarry like he had a hundred times before.

    The problem this time was that he wasn’t the least bit happy about it. Not that he’d relished tying up the rogues he’d been assigned to bring in, but it made things flipping easier. Especially once they figured out things were not what they considered normal.

    Immobilizing them quickened the process. He could show them what they might have the potential to be without them going anywhere. If they didn’t come around to the wolf way of thinking? Then he already had them caught and they couldn’t go blabbing. A clean kill with no loose strings. Efficient and effective.

    Except German couldn’t muster the guts to swipe this particular redheaded rogue off the planet.

    A major problem, and it was every bit his fault, too.

    Kissing her? Since when did he ever give in to his needs like that? Never, that was when. Not caving was sound procedure. As if he’d needed to make an example of himself.

    He had a hostage and no guts to kill her.

    Effing great.

    She was also pissed, even if she was silent and eyeing him like a tasty morsel. She was hatching something that wouldn’t end pretty. He didn’t think. The trouble was, this was the first time he’d ever found himself in such a predicament with this kind of captive. Usually they mewled and cried and begged, irritating him to the point where he was glad to shut them up.


    Not this time. Sofia would try her damnedest to kill him if she got herself loose.

    He recognized that shine in those gray eyes.

    And fuck him, but he was proud of her, for Luna’s sake.

    Oh, man.

    He squatted down in front of her so they were face to face. Like equals.

    Shit. She shouldn’t be his equal. She was a subordinate, a stray.


    Hell’s bells, what did he tell her? He’d said her name now a thousand times and then could only muster an apology. He was real eloquent, he was.

    Those gray eyes caressed him, tugging on the damned cord that tied his guts to her.

    “I had to tie you for your own good.”

    Was that a spark of satisfaction?

    “You’ve no idea what we are. I’m here to protect you.”

    Her silence unnerved him even though he knew what she was doing. But, he couldn’t help himself. It was like his mouth belonged to her and it wanted nothing more than to ease her.

    German got up and paced along the tree line. Shit. So far, he’d wasted two days with her because he’d made crucial mistakes. He never made vital
mistakes. Especially not since his scarring. But with Sofia?

    He turned and watched her, only to have her nail her eyes to his. His dick thickened as it gorged on the blood his brain was supposed to be using.

    All this trouble for a piece of ass? Wuh?

    Before he knew it, he was on his knees with his mouth clamped onto the rogue’s. She sucked onto him, dragging his toes up through his guts while her tongue slipped and retreated, taunting his playfully. Like a cat teasing a mouse. Like he cared who the predator was here?

    His hand fisted the back of her head to pull her deeper, his moan escaping along his throat as her silken tresses caressed his forearm. He was losing himself to the sensations of the woman in his arms. Her body was toned and strong, yet wrapping it was glossy and warm cream skin, contradictions that drove him mad, stoking his wild nature. No longer thinking, he was an animal burning on instinct. German dragged his teeth across her plump lower lip, a sensual warning of what he was about to do.

    Far from subdued, she did not retaliate, but assuaged the raw scrape with her own tongue as she lifted her chin. Oh, so subtle! A miniscule tilt of her cheek. A flicker of triumph and unease under heavy lids. Her breaths were short, hot like his. Their hearts pounding identical rhythms.

    With gentle care, German bit onto her tender windpipe, his tongue laving the pinched flesh. He heard the faint cry in the drawing of her lungs, and he pressed harder, demanding her abeyance even as she surrendered, entrusting herself to his arms while her hips rubbed along his thigh. Her scent thickened with her heat, igniting his body to a red-hot ember—the wolf prowling too close to the surface.

    He couldn’t frighten her!

    Too late he clawed himself from the woman, unable to trap his guttural growl as he shoved himself away. His spine blasted fire to his limbs, and German kicked at the restrictive cloth on his legs, scrabbled his booted feet to push himself upright, to clamor away before revealing too much, too soon. He couldn’t frighten her, and in the daylight she would see. His heart raced faster as he felt his fangs punch through, knew that his wolf eyes lost all trace of their humanity.

    Finally, he kicked his boots free and his bare feet gained purchase so he could run.

    German bolted for the protection of the thicker tree cover, swearing at himself for succumbing to her, for repeating his mistake.

    He cast one last look over his shoulder as his knees buckled him to the forest floor.

    The face looking back no longer wore a smug grin.

    It wore an expression of surprise. And it sure as hell didn’t escape him, despite his desperation, that nowhere on Sofia’s features did she show revulsion or fear.

    ~S.C. Dane

    ~Installment No. 24 coming Saturday, February 1, 2014.


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