Wolf-Love, Installment #13


Installment #13

          German had watched the whole fuck show go down. Saw why the big dog attacked the girl in the first place. Christ, he’d almost attacked her, and he considered himself to be under fairly tight control around humans. He’d learned at an early age they did shit that just triggered the kill instinct.

Like taunting a big dog and then panicking and falling down while they screamed like wounded animals. Which is precisely what the girl had done. She should’ve been counting herself lucky the mutt didn’t do more than bite her. Once. All the snarling and shit was what a subordinate dog did: it made a lot of noise to scare, but that was about all.

But most humans wouldn’t notice that. They’d see a small girl getting mauled by a savage animal, to hell with the finer details. Sol was guilty. End of discussion. End of thinking.

There would be no rationalizing. Not with the murderous expression clapped to Charlie’s face. German had seen the look on human faces too many times not to grasp the concrete intent. The dog was as good as dead, because that’s how humans handled shit like this. The animal always lost. Always.

It had taken every scrap of his self-control not to knock the farmer down into the dirt where he belonged. Under him. German had been furious enough to throw his caution aside, his blood heating to dominate.

Which was why he was now leaning against the back of the house, sucking in air like it was free for a limited time only. He needed to settle the fuck down. As it was, he wasn’t sure if his fangs had been bared when he’d snapped at the man’s hand.

Loving Luna, it had been a close call.

Still was if he couldn’t get himself calmed down. Sofia was still out there dealing with the chaos, and he didn’t have a frigging clue how she was going to react to this. Defend her dog to the death?

If she wouldn’t actually get killed doing it, he’d be awfully pleased she’d go that far. Especially since it would mean she wasn’t attached to the human world very tight at all. If she would choose the four-legged over the two when it came down to it?

The notion washed through him like a sunbeam, relaxing his rigid muscles so his chest could start holding the oxygen his lungs were yanking in.

Sofia somehow managing to nourish her wolf despite living with humans was just the thing to pull German’s head out of his ass. She needed help, someone who would stand with her defending her dog. Not hiding behind a house in fear.

He could curb his own wolf, and didn’t need the scar across his lower back to remind himself to do it. He’d proudly stand with the red-headed woman if she was going to fight. Which wasn’t something he’d ever done before, or had ever had an inclination to do. He wasn’t rogue, but he sure as hell wasn’t tied to any pack in a way it mattered.

Like now.

German went quiet, struck half dumb with the truth of his feelings. But everything else was quiet, too. There wasn’t any shouting, no sounds of a fight coming from the front of the house. It was eerie. Like the proverbial calm before the storm, the bated breath, maybe?

Except his skin was tingling like a motherfucker, making him rub his arms as his human hair bristled. Oh shit.

It meant one thing: nothing good was about to happen.

He shoved his back off the side of the house and bolted for the front farmyard, where the dogfight had taken place. Where Sofia and Sol would be.

The dog was with Charlie, and Sofia was striding toward them. He didn’t miss the pistol in her hand, or the determined set of her jaw.


By the time he was halfway across the shit-mined yard, she’d already pulled the trigger.


German scraped to a skidding halt while his eyes locked onto the mess in front of him, his heart spiraling into his boots, dragging his breath right along with it.

She’d shot her dog. Dearest Luna, she shot her fucking dog.

And had most likely sunk too far now into the humans’ world that he wouldn’t be able to rescue her from it.

     ~S.C. Dane

       Installment #14 coming Saturday, December 28, 2013.


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