Ten Reasons Grown Women Don’t Go Trick or Treating:

10. We are too mature for such crazy antics.

9. We don’t have to beg for our treats. We take from our kids’ goody bags like bears. We are entitled.

8. Nobody ever gives out Godiva chocolates.

7. Nobody ever gives out bottles of wine, either.

6. We refuse to be seen in our Wonder Woman outfits. We wear them under our regular clothes.

5. The smart women stay home to take the bags of candy from visiting kids. Did the tykes not say Trick or Treat?

4. We’d rather be home curled up with a steamy paranormal romance novel.

3. We’d actually rather be home curled up with a sexy vampire or shape-shifter hero from our favorite paranormal romance novel.

2. Call us crazy, but Halloween is the only time we can get away with screaming at our neighbors’ kids to scare them. Of course we’re staying home to dish out the payback.

And the Number One reason why grown women don’t go trick or treating: WE DON’T BEG. Well, all right. We do. But only in the bedroom.


What in Samhain does any of the above have to do with The Romance Studio, you wonder? #SPOOKAPALOOZA, of course! And please refer to Numbers 4 and 3 in the Ten Reasons Grown Women Don’t Go Trick or Treating. It’s romance time with your favorite shape-shifter, or vampire-slayer. Time to treat yourselves to the paranormal. ‘Tis the season for indulging your darkness.

You want a little gore with your sensuous love? Check out my three novels. Buy links and excerpts are on the right. Just click on the cover to indulge yourselves. Either story will satisfy your hungers.

~S.C. Dane


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