#Pants Down

Oopsie! I got caught with my pants down. It’s the weekend already, and somehow I lost an entire week. How does a person blast through entire days and lose track? You all know what I mean. Wasn’t it just two days ago you were cranking yourself out of bed to start your work week? You were a little refreshed, having had the weekend off. Maybe by Sunday night you were tired from your never-ending list of things to do, but Monday morning comes and you’re feeling all right. The coffee’s brewed, you know what to wear. And the routine revs its motor, hustling you and the family out the door.

Whoa. Several days have passed since then. For me, another weekend has, too. I confess to not only getting lost in my day job, but also in my latest fictional creation. I’m on book two of a gargoyle series, and I’m getting sucked into it every time I open that document. The good thing is I’m spiraling deep into the world I’ve conjured. The bad news is that while I might be busy writing, I’m not writing for my blog and the people who follow it.

Sorry about that. But the story has threaded itself to my skin, tugging at me when I should be doing other things. But cripes, I’m hanging out with sexy and dangerous heroes. To heck with my real life skidding by like kids in socks on a hardwood floor, mama’s a little distracted here.

Therefore, I offer a sincere apology to my readers who look forward to the weekly posts. I hope when the new gargoyle series goes public you’ll enjoy it enough to forgive my distraction and my bumbling. Meanwhile, it’s Sunday night. Already. Again. Time to get the coffee pot ready to brew for 6 a.m. and remember to throw that last load of clothes into the dryer.

Till next week,

~S.C. Dane


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