#Muse Camp? I wanna go home!

Because it’s been a busy summer and I’m ready for things to slow down now. I feel like a bear in autumn whose inner workings demand the down time. Having stuffed myself so I’m replete, I want to curl up and feed off my fat stores. My brain has fed overly well this past summer. It’s fat with new knowledge, now it needs to kick back and digest.

But it’s not winter yet, and like the last run of salmon, another writing camp has shown up, splashing in a favorite stream to pique my appetite. So, I dive in with claws bared and emerge with a tasty morsel: Muse Camp. Hosted by Mary Caelsto, founder of Jupiter Gardens Press, where my novel No Little Thing has its home.

The moniker Muse is appropriate. She has interviewed several authors, asking them about their work, what inspired them, did they have any tips for other authors? So far, she has hosted Lynda K. Frazier, Stacy Juba, Naomi Bellina, and Jamie Saloff. This list may seem like a litany, but from these women I took away some helpful hints and a bit of inspiration. For example, Naomi Bellina was asked why she writes paranormal romance, and her answer could have been mine. She writes about the paranormal because she likes to imagine there is something extra in our contemporary universe.

Perhaps there’s something about dealing with the strange that makes us bigger, stronger, less fearful. Empowered.

Which is what each of these authors experienced, and I suspect, what a good many authors have felt when they received their first contract, or won a writing contest, or garnered a rave review. The rush of empowerment certainly infused my blood. I still feel ready to take on the publishing world. So long as I continue to hone my craft. And that, my friends, is why I tuned in to another Camp this season, even though I feel stuffed already.

I’m honing my craft, striving to improve my writing and marketing skills. It hasn’t been easy, especially from the marketing standpoint. So, Muse Camp was the shot in the arm it was intended to be. I am re-inspired, and I’ve re-tuned my ear to the power still humming in my veins. With just a couple of days left, I don’t really wanna go home. Not yet. The winter will be long, and I suspect there will be times during those long, dark days when my heart and brain will appreciate the extra nourishment.

~S.C. Dane—writer and bear extraordinaire.

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