Five Star Review!


Hey all, I’m celebrating! Luna: Book One of The Luna Chronicle just received a five star rating from READERS’ FAVORITE. My tail is wagging, I’m so happy. Not that I live or die by a reviewer’s pen, but still. It’s good to see my book do well out there. Yeah, I know my readers like my stories, and I always love to hear them gush and rave. Those pats on the back are the encouragement every struggling author needs. I’m grateful for the support. So what if I usually get lost in the narrative and forget about the real world. It doesn’t mean I don’t know the tangible exists—I’m just immersed, that’s all. Eventually, I come back. When I do, I’m glad to see my friends and fans hanging out, anxious to read what I’m writing next because they’ve enjoyed what I’ve done so far.

An author’s head can get awful big with that kind of encouragement. I choose to use the accolades as a yardstick by which to measure my writing. Now that utter strangers hold one of my books in high regard? Well, folks, them are some mighty big shoes to fill, even if they’re my shoes I’m filling! You, my readers, have expectations and I will stretch myself in order to measure up. I can’t disappoint!

And I won’t. Now that I’m moved into my place and I’m getting settled in the job, I can carve out the times I’ll be writing and find a groove in my schedule. No easy feat, that. There are 52 horses to know—who eats how much, what foal goes with which mom, and who gets turned out when and where. Add stall cleaning to the day, and I’m a little whipped. Where will I get the energy to be creative?

Easy! I love what I do, plain and simple. I love the horses I work with, and I love the characters in my stories. Spending time with both nourishes my spirit, so no matter how physically tired I am, when I sit down to the computer I’m whisked away. Man, it feels good to have that. The balance gives me comfort, makes me feel as if my life is better than okay, as if there’s a sparkle of magic to it. With my loyal fans and friends folded into the mix, what more can I want?

Not a thing. So, I’ll quit yammering for this week and sip from my recent success while I’m shoveling horse poo. Both of which should put a smile on my face.

Want to read my review? Click here:

~S.C. Dane

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