#Howling Success Daily Press, Interview no. 417 (deceased)

Being that this is the end of the first full week of Grane: Book Two of The Luna Chronicle’s release, I thought I would offer something a little different to my readers. I hope you like it.
~S.C. Dane

Bootlegged Interview from “Howling Success Daily Press”

With guests S.C. Dane and Luna-Beth

H.S.D.P.: Welcome to the Howling Success Luna-Beth and paranormal romance author S.C. Dane. We’re pleased you could take time from your wildly busy lives to join us. Our readers are hungry for the opportunity, so I don’t dare disappoint and will go straight for the jugular, if you’ll pardon the expression.

HSPD: First, I must say for the benefit of our reading audience the resemblance between the two of you is striking. Are there other characteristics besides the physical you two share?

S.C. Dane: Our running and hiking in the woods, which was the catalyst for writing The Luna Chronicles. I came across Luna-Beth during one of my excursions on the Heath and I’ve been tailing her ever since.

Luna-Beth: She’s not kidding! If she wasn’t such a kindred spirit, I’d be a tad wigged out by her presence. But, I owe her a lot, so I put up with her voyeurism.

HSPD: That’s a funny, yet apt way to describe an author’s hand in her novels. Are you jealous?

L-B: No

SCD: Yes.

HSDP: You’ve given our readers two conflicting answers. Care to elaborate?

SCD: You go first, Luna-Beth. The place of honor as the heroine of the novel, and all that.

L-B: You’re very kind, as usual. See how I can’t be jealous? S.C. has been very generous. Without her, I would have never met my wolf-mate. I never would have had our wolf-babes, or met the wolf-people. Which means I would have never met Suma and Grane. Who, by the way, you should interview sometime. If they’ll let you.

SCD: The pleasure has been all mine, really. It was Luna-Beth’s courage that got us deep into those Maine woods. Without her brass, I wouldn’t have met the wolf-people either.

HSDP: You two are like the Mutual Admiration Society. Aside from your obvious respect for one another, is there something about the other you would change if you could?

SCD: Ha! At the risk of getting someone’s jaws clamped around my throat—I’d say I wouldn’t mind being Alec’s mate. Luna-Beth is a very lucky wolf-woman to have such an attentive lover.

HSDP: Your silence Luna-Beth is leaving your fans on tenterhooks. Care to explain it?

L-B: You want the PG-rated version or the R one?

HSDP: It’s probably best to keep your response family friendly. I mean, human family friendly.

L-B: Glad you made the distinction, because showing one’s affection isn’t something the wolf-people hide, or save for the privacy of one’s bedroom. There is no shame in my and Alec’s love-making. No matter how heated it gets.

SCD: I think you made our interviewer blush!

L-B: I can’t help it. You know very well I’m not good at lying.

SCD: I know, except for when it matters.

HSDP: S.C. Dane raises a good point, Luna-Beth, and it’s one I wanted to ask you about since earlier you mentioned Grane. I apologize ahead of time if my questions become too personal, but that wolf-man kidnapped you from Alec and your pups, and his pack leader almost raped you. I think our readers find it curious you were able to forgive Grane and accept him into your pack.

L-B: Yeah, well, he’s got a kind heart despite what he’s done. Sometimes our grief can consume us, and we lose sight of who we really are, indulge in the beast who’s tearing our insides out. I saw that in Grane when I healed his wound. He had much to grieve about, even though I instinctively liked him.

SCD: I have to say, apart from the birthing of your babes, Luna-Beth, bearing witness to your captivity was the hardest part for me. I mean, you almost died, and so did Alec, who came to rescue you. It was touch and go there for a while.

L-B: You’re telling me!

HSDP: Well, ladies, as soon as you two let each other go from your handholding, we’ll finish up here. Not that seeing firsthand how intimidating you are, Luna, hasn’t been a real eye-opener. One of these days, I’ll share with our readers of the “Howling Success” just how hard the hairs on my skin are prickling.

SCD: You kind of just did. Isn’t she beautiful? Alec thinks so, too. Forget that he’s wolf and very loyal, or that Luna-Beth is a coveted prize. She’s easy to love, even if she is fierce when she loves you back. All of the wolf-people, myself included, count themselves lucky to reside in her heart. I’m glad you got the chance to see a little of that Luna shining out from Beth.

HSDP: Me, too, S.C. even though I regret that extra cup of coffee I had earlier. But I couldn’t have said it better, and our readers will be grateful for your description of our heroine. Thank you ladies for dropping by. It has been my privilege.

SCD: The privilege has been ours. Right, Luna-Beth?

L-B: Any chance to kill a human ranks high in my book. This one doesn’t get away.

HSDP: Ladies? Er…what are you…holy, those are some sharp teeth. Surely, you—

So, I had a little fun with the abrupt and violent ending. For those who know Luna-Beth, I’m sure they weren’t surprised. None of the wolf-people like humans, for good reason. Unless of course, that human is Kenrickey. But that’s a story for the next book in The Luna Chronicle series.

~S.C. Dane


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