#Still Paying It Forward: It’s About YOU not me.


This past week I talked about how giving the romance community is, and presented four authors who have demonstrated their generosity toward a fellow writer. They were Lisabet Sarai, Margay Roberge, V.S. Nelson, and Destiny Blaine.

Now, I want to acknowledge the Readers, who deserve as much praise for their support of the romance community. Without our reading fans, we writers wouldn’t be able to share the stories that haunt us until we tell them. We couldn’t find relief from the characters that scratch and stretch until we give them substance upon the page.

If you think I’m kidding, think back to some of your favorite characters. Maybe he was from a book you haven’t thought about for years, maybe the heroine is someone you forgot was a lot like you. Have you got your character? Are you visualizing him or her, breathing life back into them?

Remember how they had you gripping the sides of the book you were holding as you read, breath held, stomach clenched, just dying to devour the words so the scenes could play out? Well, those same heroes are conceived in our tiny heads, and like fledglings who are too big for the nest, they demand their space.

And they demand it according to their personalities. Some kick. Hard. Dropping roundhouse kick after kick until we acknowledge them. Some are more subtle, preferring to tickle and tease, to tempt us toward the blank page. Imagine how it is for the busy writer with such demanding creatures in our heads!

They are relentless. We love them as much you, the reader, does. Except we get the not-so-glamorous parts, too. All those quirks that never make it to the page because they didn’t fit a story line, or an image. But exist, none the less.

Although, we do our best to deliver everything. We want you to love our heroes and heroines as much as we do, despite the bad and the ugly. It’s what makes them real. Sometimes, we can sneak them into the story for you. Maybe it’s just a single, graphic line meant to stir you, giving the character another edge, a little more sensuality.

Are you still thinking about your favorite hero or heroine? Excellent! Now, go do what we authors love about you. Go Read! Now. This instant. Disappear into the pages in the name of supporting a romance author, of giving help to us before our new characters drive us mad with their demands. Pay it forward.

We writers need our audience. Without you, dear Reader, we would all be just a touch insane.

“Artistic experience lies so incredibly close to that of sex, to its pain and its ecstasy, that the two manifestations are indeed but different forms of one and the same yearning delight.” ~Rainer Maria Rilke (from Seductress, by Betsy Prioleau)

~S.C. Dane

4 responses to “#Still Paying It Forward: It’s About YOU not me.

  1. We love our authors who give us a fabulous break from reality, a chance to immerse ourselves in the character’s lives and drama and a very inexpensive ticket to the greatest entertainment on earth!

    • Don’t you know it, Joanne! Even authors love that we can escape into our fictional worlds. The fact that we can share our experiences with our like-minded readers? Priceless.
      ~S.C. Dane

  2. Thanks so much, S.C. You’re a gem!

    Destiny Blaine

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