I’m Traveling!
For those who know me personally, don’t get too excited. I’m merely taking a virtual trip. I’m popping in for a visit to Beyond Romance, a blog run by the beautiful Lisabet Sarai. You ought to check it out, if you’ve the taste for a little excursion yourself. Her link is:

Here’s a sneak peek—
Beyond Romance?
Nah. I’m smack dab in the middle of it, quite by accident. Blithely, several years ago I began writing the story taking shape in my convoluted brain and finished up with a paranormal love story.
Did I know I was writing one? Not a clue. I’d never even read paranormal romance, why would I think I was writing a story for a genre I didn’t know existed? But, write one I did, which meant plunging my eyes into every paranormal romance book I could get my, ahem, paws on.
I started hunting my prey …

Next week, I’ll be paying it forward, so don’t forget to drop in.
~S. C. Dane

2 responses to “I’M TRAVELING!

  1. Just finished No Little Thing at work, at 2AM! Couldn’t put it down!

    • Hi Nancy,
      Glad you liked “No Little Thing.” Hope you liked the unusual and creepy take on Vampires. Keep your reading glasses on–“Grane: Book Two of The Luna Chronicle” will arrive next month!
      ~S.C. Dane

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