Book Signing Virgin

Yep. My cherry got popped. Had my very first book signing at the Peabody Memorial Library in Jonesport, Maine and it was everything I expected it wouldn’t be.

People came!

Sad I should be excited about that, but after what this novice author has read about book signings, I expected to sit alone in a room with the cobwebs. Didn’t happen. I was busier than a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest. I couldn’t swing a cat without hitting a fan of my novels.

They’d all come to see me. They really wanted their books signed. They bought more books to share with friends and family. What a high! Sure, sure, I know the proverbial shoe will drop and I’ll free-fall into obscurity. I will once again become the regular author quietly building her next novel.

So what. Riding the highs and the lows is all part of the writing business. Which means I’m going to sit this horse while it gallops, stops, and rears in a grand display of its magnificence as I wave to my adoring fans.

Ahem. Hoo-kay. My high is nestling back toward solid earth. My feet sense the ground beneath them; my fingers find the familiar row on the keypad. Reality, as I know it, is reclaiming me, and my characters are lovingly sucking me back into my role as the anonymous wizard.

Thank you to all who attended my first-ever book signing. I hope it was as good for you as it was for me. Now, if you’ll pass me that cigarette…

~S.C. Dane  author of paranormal romance novels Luna: Book One of The Luna Chronicle, and No Little Thing.


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