Caught With My Pants Down?

Yep, I did. It’s Sunday already, and I’ve not written a darn thing for my blog. How in tarnation do the days go by so fast? Wasn’t it just a couple of days ago that I posted an article about Charmaine Pauls?

No. The calendar doesn’t lie. I’ve lost track and let days slip under my feet like the ground under the hooves of a racing thoroughbred.  Now, I’m tapping my skull wondering what the dickens to write about.

Got about two raps in when my idea came through. Why not give my readers a sneak-peek at what I have been writing about this week? Well, I’ve been working on this particular project for a while now, and like every other book I’ve written I got lost.

Not off track, mind you, but swept away in the world I’ve created. Before I go further, let me shamelessly plug for my other novels, since I’ve brought them up. It’s kind of like a writer introducing a gun in a scene and then not using it. *scratch your head here, if that made no sense to you*

Ahem. To the books. Of course, you all know about No Little Thing and Luna: Book One of the Luna Chronicle. Coming right up for an August release is Grane: Book Two of the Luna Chronicle, and on the heels of that will be the third book (and most likely the final one), which I can’t tell you the title of because it will give away the plot of Book Two.

There. Now you’ve got an idea of the places and the characters in my head where I can lose myself for hours at a time. Lately, this has been happening with blessed frequency. I love delving so deep I forget.

I forget to eat, I forget the sun has set and the house sits in darkness. I let Sally’s fur balls pile up as wispy critters along the trim boards and beneath the bed as I go traipsing through my fictional world, visiting with my imaginary friends.

Where have I been? Let me give you a taste:

Merrick and Angelia

A paranormal romance novel


S.C. Dane


            “So it is written.”

            “It is, my Lord.”

            “And sent forth?”

            “To Earth, as you instructed. But?”

            “Speak freely, Alielle.”

            “If the scriptum is not found in time?”

            “Ah, your fears are well grounded, old friend, but let us have Faith.”

            “But if it is found not by whom you have intended?”

            “You play devil’s advocate.”

            “I do.”

            “Then I have a worthy companion in you, Alielle. All will not be lost. There is still hope, even then.”

            “Yet, if the Chosen One and the scriptum are not united?” 

            “Then its secrets will remain locked.”

            “But Your Kynd, my Lord.”

            “Ah, yes. My beloved Witnesses, Angel. There lies the conundrum of Free Will, even for them. They will suffer until they themselves decode their own Truth.”

            “It may never happen. I fear for them. Even if they slough their trammel and choose sides, they may not find Love; they may perish before this quest comes to its fruition. For all their discretion, my Lord, they are a fierce lot.”

            “So they are. But have faith in Love, Alielle. It has power even you cannot imagine.”

            “And you trust the Kynd will gain knowledge of it? That they will discover Love, along with the Chosen One? That seems improbable, with all due respect.”

            “It will take a Miracle.”

            “I hope you are joking.”

            “Faith, Alielle. Take courage in our Kynd and their ferocity. For still they are Witnesses, and see much.”

            “I hope you are right.”

            “I love them, too, Angel. Let us pray they learn to feel such sublime emotion, that they determine firsthand what it means to love, to understand the elemental joy of sacrifice.”

            “Sometimes, I think Lucifer is right. You can be cruel.”

            “Not cruel, little one. You shall see.”

            “As it is written?”

            “You are a wise Angel, Alielle. Bless Our Kynd. Yes, as it is written.”  

Okay. That’s obviously the rough draft, but I hope it has given you some notion of the realm I’m blissfully drowning in. By now, I’m well into the plot, nearing the climax, where my main characters are deep in Dante’s version of Hell. And I’m smiling the whole time my fingers are dancing on the keys.

So, this is where I’ve been and why I’ve let the days skim by without notice. I’m utterly enjoying myself. Now that I’ve written something for my weekly readers, I can return to Hell, and leave my back door open so Sally can come and go as she pleases.

~S.C. Dane



  1. Great teaser! I want to read that. Seriously, I need to know what’s going to happen. Thanks for sharing!

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