Featuring Author TJ Shaw

TJ Shaw

Romance. Each of us has our own idea of what it is. For some it’s the moment, like walking arm in arm with your guy or gal. For others, it is the gesture, the giving of flowers just because. There are as many ideas of what it means as there are hearts to hold it.

Whether those hearts be human or other.

Other, you ask?

Of course. Were you thinking love had biases, boundaries, or limitations? Not so. Open your eyes to the parallel realm and let your imagination unfetter the restrictions on your heart.

Enter the world of a writer’s liberated concept of Romance, where men bear the hearts of wolves, women alter reality with a touch, and dragons soar aloft, among the clouds.

What has this to do with romance? Everything! Even those beings dwelling under our radar burgeon with the capacity to love, to desire, and to possess.

Author TJ Shaw understands that with a clarity capable of sucking you in and revealing that alternate universe. Even to the skeptic. Her romance novel, Caller of Light will have you believing that the heart does not discriminate. Nor does it obey. Read this excerpt and see if you don’t agree:

He was about to inquire into Carina’s whereabouts when she emerged at the top of the stairs. She paused. Uncertainty flickered across her face. For a moment he thought she was going to fade back into the shadows of the upper floors. But she took a deep breath, squared her shoulders, and stepped off the landing.

He inhaled a ragged breath at the sight of her. Her dress accentuated the slight swing of her hips while the tight bodice molded perfectly to the swell of her breasts. With each step as she descended, a slow burn heated his blood, flooding hot desire straight to his groin. She shimmered in the soft light spilling from the rooma light acting as a path for her to follow, illuminating her way…to him.

She entered with her head bowed and lowered into a deep curtsy. “Your Majesty.”

He extended his hand and tried to keep his fingers from twitching in anticipation of her touch. She hesitated, and had yet to look him in the eyes. But she could not deny him, not without causing insult, so he waited. His body trembled when her hand slipped into his.

For the second time today, he couldn’t let her go. She had entered the room on a whisper, but swept across his senses like a winter storm.

As she looked down, he resisted the urge to brush his thumb across the soft curve of her lips. She was a feast for his eyes to devour. He wanted to tell her that she looked stunning, but his voice failed him and he could only mutter her name in a gravelly, scrape of sound.

Intrigued? Feeling the collapse of your preconceived notions? To slake your thirst for more of TJ Shaw’s Caller of Light browse on over to the right of my blog’s home page and click on the image of Shaw’s book. You’ll find everything you need to indulge the romantic stirrings of your heart.

~S.C. Dane


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  1. S.C., thank you so much for hosting Caller of Light on your beautiful site!

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