“No Little Thing” is a big thing!

My second paranormal romance novel has hit the digital shelves (find it at Jupiter Gardens Press). Titled No Little Thing, by S.C. Dane, it is vastly different from my first novel Luna: Book One of The Luna Chronicle.

Read this blurb, and you’ll see why:

Lily Fain’s life as a horror novelist isn’t perfect, but it suits her, even if she has written off true love in exchange for her fictional world of monsters. Then her imagined world comes to life when she discovers she has a stalker who isn’t the average fan, but a real vampire who wants her dead.

Griffyd Fychan is a vampire-killer who is seven feet of lithe muscles, quick reflexes, and an explosion of ferocity that strikes terror in those he hunts, even those he rescues. But when the slayer steps between Lily and her vampire stalker, Griffyd’s instincts not only compel him to protect her from their mutual enemy, but to bond with her, as well.

The problem? Griffyd isn’t human–he belongs within the pages of Lily’s horror novels.

Faced with the menacing vampire-killer’s affections, will Lily retreat in fear to her author’s life? Or will she surrender to her dark passion for Griffyd, whose bonding to her could alter her in ways neither one could have ever foreseen?

THAT’S THE BLURB. See? It’s very different from Luna. The most striking difference is the author’s voice. I wrote my first novel without ever having read a paranormal romance in my life. I had no clue about format, what readers were looking for. I had simply written a story that wanted telling. By the time I got to writing Grane: Book Two of The Luna Chronicle( not available til August 2013), I had begun to get an inkling. By book three? Kenrickey reveals a definite path toward my immersion into the world of paranormal romance.

No Little Thing is the culmination of a lot of reading and of studying the genre. It turned out well. Especially since I didn’t stray from my core belief in my writing: I conjure heroes who have my readers moaning: “I want one!”

You will want your own Vampire-killer. Don’t think so? Then I dare you to read No Little Thing, and prove me wrong. For now, you can find the novel (in e-book format) at Jupiter Gardens Press.

Happy reading. And, oh yeah, I told you so.

~S.C. Dane

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